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Scaling Software Globally: How SAP Uses Visual Previews for Global Success

June 20
10:00 am BST / 11:00 am CEST
Ying Zou Workstream Lead
Aleix Gwilliam
Aleix Gwilliam Demand Generation Specialist, XTM

Discover some of SAP’s localization strategies for global success and learn how to replicate them for your own software or app.

During this webinar, we’ll delve into how SAP, a world leader in business software solutions, has leveraged Rigi for their localization process to scale effectively and efficiently across international markets.

Join us as Ying Zou, Workstream Lead at SAP Language Experience, shares insights on how using a robust software localization framework and visual previews for language testing, in-context translation, and multilingual screenshots have brought innovation and benefit to SAP’s localization program. Discover how SAP was able to:

  • Successfully test 40+ languages at the same time.
  • Cut developers’ effort of supporting localization by over 50%.
  • Drive a 50% cost reduction for their language test activities.
  • Make translation easier for translators while improving translation quality.

You will learn...

  • Practical strategies for implementing visual preview in your own software localization process.
  • Insider tips from SAP’s experience to enhance your global reach.
  • The real-life benefits of adopting a technology like Rigi to boost your software localization.

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