So, you think your game is localized?

XTM Academy

Elizabeth Senouci

Presenter Elizabeth Senouci

Language English

Target audienceAdmin, Enterprises, LM, LSP

Presenters: Elizabeth Senouci (XTM) & Victor Ramirez (SYSTRAN)

Everyone knows that it’s not enough to produce a game in English. Success in the gaming biz requires a truly international approach that ensures you release in a number of languages, not just English. But is simple translation enough to ensure a real hit? Where does localization end, and what is a truly localized game? Often, there is much more to full localization than meets the eye.

In this brief webinar, join the experts at SYSTRAN and XTM for a discussion on the vast scope of translation and localization for game content, from UI to social media and everything in between. Discover what it means to have a truly localized product, and discuss with industry peers what challenges commonly present themselves to effectively localizing games into a variety of languages. This webinar is the first part of an ongoing series, presented by SYSTRAN and XTM, that will showcase the cutting-edge AI and automation tools available that make localizing all types of gaming content less costly, higher quality, and done quicker.

July 18 4:00 pm EDT

Webinar highlights

  • Assessing localization scope
  • Translation of UI strings
  • Translation of social media text
  • Translation of audio/video content



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