Successful Customer Onboarding with XTM Aligner

XTM Academy

John Weisgerber

Presenter John Weisgerber

Language English

Target audienceLinguists, LM, LSP, PM

Whether you’re new to a TMS or managing a mature localization program, the customer onboarding process is crucial, and swift, seamless data migration keeps you one step ahead. Join John Weisgerber and learn how you can use XTM Cloud’s Aligner tool to automatically generate TM and glossary data from existing translation files. Eliminate leveraging loss during migrations using XTM’s advanced linguistic AI tools. Start as you mean to go on, and make onboarding a success with XTM Cloud.

February 8 2:00 pm EST

Webinar highlights

  • Grant users and LSPs access to XTM Align
  • Aligning translation files into TM
  • Editing aligned segments
  • AI-based bilingual terminology extraction
  • Importing aligned TM & terminology



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