TAUS DQF Spotlight Series: How to use DQF in XTM Cloud

XTM Academy

Mikołaj Lauer

Presenter Mikołaj Lauer

Language English

Target audienceEnterprises, LM, PM

Presenters: Mikolaj Lauer (XTM), Dace Dzeguze & Milica Panic (TAUS)

Join us in a joint XTM and TAUS webinar where we will show you how to use the DQF plugin in the most optimal way and how to leverage the reports in XTM and on the DQF Dashboard. The DQF integration in XTM Cloud is easy to set up and use, it also offers the flexibility to enable it only for projects where it makes the most sense to.

April 14 5:00 pm CEST

Webinar highlights

  • Main DQF principles
  • DQF Dashboard analytics
  • DQF activation in XTM
  • DQF LQA set-up in XTM
  • Project creation
  • Doing LQA in XTM Workbench
  • Extended LQA report
  • Reports on TAUS DQF Dashboard



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