Transcreation with XTM

XTM Academy

Amanda Leuer

Presenter Amanda Leuer

Language English

Target audienceLinguists, LM, LSP, PM

Transcreation is about adapting content so it resonates with a reader. XTM technology helps transcreators achieve this with flexible UI functionality for alternative translation suggestions, fully integrated terminology management, customizable segmentation rules, and WYSIWYG in-context editing. Join us and discover the unique features in XTM 12.6 that support the transcreation process. and will help drive your marketing strategy in the right direction.

February 19 10:00 am EST

Webinar highlights

  • Enabling alternative translations
  • XTM workbench handling of alternative translations
  • Enabling paragraph segmentation
  • Managing transcreation settings in XTM settings, global, customer, project



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