XTM Cloud v12.8 – The Symphony Release

XTM Academy

Rory Sampair

Presenter Rory Sampair

Language English

Target audienceAdmin, Linguists, LM, PM

Get in tune this July with XTM Cloud 12.8, the Symphony Release.

XTM Cloud 12.8 delivers enhancements in four major areas: Selectivity, Productivity, Connectivity and Intelligent Simplicity.

Learn more about improvements in file analysis, project and workflow management and linguistic productivity. And find out about the XTM partners whose best-in-class technology is now more easily accessible to you than ever. AI enhanced Translation Memory delivers high-quality MT results in milliseconds, Weighted Word Count refinements give you a more accurate picture of project workload. The Symphony release harmonizes with even more technology pioneers, and five new REST API methods deliver improved connectivity with third party systems. And enhanced filter templates include what you need and exclude what you don’t. Because you don’t have to play every note. Just the right ones.

July 23 2:00 pm EDT

Webinar highlights

  • Filter templates
  • Visual Mode for Word and PDF
  • Workflow Management
  • Project Manager enhancements
  • API and XTM Connect updates



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