XTM Connect – AEM Cloud & DITA content

XTM Academy

Vasilis Moschovos

Presenter Vasilis Moschovos

Language English

Target audienceAdmin, Enterprises, LM, PM

Discover the benefits provided by the powerful synergy of the XTM Connector for AEM cloud and the DITA content structure. See how you can seamlessly integrate DITA files in your AEM environment, create projects and translate that content in XTM, utilizing the Visual Editor in the XTM Workbench for in-context editing.

July 27 4:00 pm CEST

Webinar highlights

  • XTM AEM Connector
  • DITA file structure
  • Configuration of DITA files in AEM
  • Project creation in AEM
  • In-Context editing in the Visual Editor in XTM



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