XTM Connect Series: Hubspot

XTM Academy

John Weisgerber

Presenter John Weisgerber

Language English

Target audienceAdmin, Enterprises, LM, LSP, PM

You’ve turbo-charged your sales pipeline and customer service with Hubspot CRM. But are you still struggling to build and maintain effective engagements in foreign markets? Learn how you can integrate Hubspot with XTM Cloud, the leading intelligent localization management system. XTM’s Hubspot connector features WYSIWYG visual, in-context translation of email campaigns, web pages, and blog posts. This means that you can create delightful customer experiences in any language just as fast as you can in your own home market.

October 15 2:00 pm EDT

Webinar highlights

  • Select Hubspot content in the connector with WYSIWYG preview
  • Submit to XTM for translation using workflow automation templates
  • Track progress of jobs in the connector Translation queue
  • WYSIWYG in-context translation of Hubspot content in XTM workbench
  • Manage your users in the connector Admin panel



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