XTM & Iconic Joint Webinar – Staying Ahead of the Digital Transformation Curve

XTM Academy

Dave Ruane

Presenter Dave Ruane

Language English

Target audienceAll

Diane O’Reilly, Senior Director of Enterprise Business – Iconic Translation Machines, Part of RWS Group;
Dave Ruane, Digital Content & Partnership Manager – XTM International

The convergence of artificial intelligence and human ingenuity is changing the way global enterprises communicate. If you value innovation, enhanced user experience, efficiency, and growth, this webinar will speak directly to you. Industry experts from XTM International and Iconic will discuss the challenges and opportunities of multilingual communication and reveal the role that Translation Management Systems and Neural Machine Translation have to play in meeting the challenges and maximizing the opportunities.

Please join us if you are a decision-maker in:

  • Global content strategy
  • Localization product/project management
  • Development of multilingual content infrastructure
April 8 11:00 am EDT

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