XTM Workbench vs Editor: Updates and Improvements

XTM Academy

Vasilis Moschovos

Presenter Vasilis Moschovos

Language English

Target audienceLinguists, LM, LSP, PM

The XTM Editor is being retired in the upcoming release of XTM Cloud (October 2020). This webinar will show the improvements that XTM Workbench brings. In this comparative webinar, we will go over features that were carried over from the Editor to the Workbench. We will also show the new features provided in XTM Workbench. This is a must attend webinar for linguists, translators and anyone who works in XTM Workbench.

October 1 10:00 am CEST

Webinar highlights

  • Workbench modules customization and configuration
  • Integrated Visual Editor – Automatic inline placement
  • TM entries editing in Workbench
  • Additional updates and improvements



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