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XTM Portal 3.0

Curious about trying out a fully redesigned XTM Portal? It comes with increased accessibility, a fresh design, and additional customization options.
It will rolled out to a closed group of Beta customers and will be deployed in multiple stages throughout the year.

Redesigned Costs Functionality

Get access to our redesigned and more user-friendly rate cards, providing more reliable cost calculation, and much more!
This functionality will be released in stages throughout the year and we will start rolling the first stages out to beta testers in July.

GPT Integration

We are planning our first GPT-driven feature, and you can already express your interest in becoming a beta tester! The only condition: you need to have an existing open AI subscription. Join our interest list, and we’ll get in touch.

AI Translation Quality Evaluation

XTM Cloud 13.3 introduced two brand new AI feature in closed beta – Translation Quality Evaluation and QA Checks.

Translation Quality Evaluation enables linguists to be notified through a QA warning when a segment’s quality falls below a specific threshold.

AI QA check for inappropriate language (PIC winner!)

The other AI-powered featured introduced to beta users in 13.3 is AI-driven QA check to detect non-inclusive and inappropriate language in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Chinese.

This idea has already been awarded RunnerUp at the LocWorld48 Process Innovation Challenge!

Introducing new Spell Checker

We are soon going to implement a new spell checker for better user experience and performance. The new spellchecker is going to be up to 8 times faster and provide better quality results compared to the previous one. Initially, the feature will be available in the following languages: Spanish, French, Italian, Polish, Swedish, and Turkish. Additional languages will be gradually added over time before phasing the old spell checker out.

Previously released XTM Labs features

Wondering what sort of features get released as part of our XTM Labs initiative?
Here are some new features that were coming straight from the top of the Wish List:

  • “Accept task” workflow option.

  • Project groups functionality

  • Enhanced non-translatable segments

  • Linguistic Quality Assessment via REST API

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