AI-driven translation in XTM Workbench

High translation volumes and tight deadlines require an agile localization toolkit. XTM Workbench, a fully featured CAT tool leverages artificial intelligence to accelerate translation throughput while driving costs down. Cutting-edge technology integrations, intelligent automation, and interactive previews turn global content translation into an automated, cost-efficient venture.

Intuitive localization workflows
  • Designed for productivity

    Interface design input from linguists enabling maximum translation productivity.

  • Artificial intelligence translation

    AI technology placing inlines, linguists can save minutes of work per page.

  • Quality at your fingertips

    Accessible quality assurance tools, makes it easier to deliver quality every time.

  • Scalable CAT tool

    XTM Workbench runs at the same speed when you up-scale volumes.

XTM Visual mode

  • Visual context

    Preview the source and target text while translating

  • AI-driven inline tags

    Get inserted automatically as you type

  • LQA tab

    Identify and classify error types as you go

  • Extensive QA checks

    Achieve high-quality translation

  • Interactive previews

    Click on the text in the preview and translate it below

  • Adjustable docked panel

    View key segment information

XTM Visual Mode

Get the most out of XTM Visual mode

XTM Visual mode can be activated at the click of a button. This mode provides visual context as you’re working, and is available for HTML, XML and InDesign files. Changes you make in segments are instantly displayed in the target text preview.

  • Reduce costs

    Visual context eliminates ambiguity. This reduces back-and-forth between project stakeholders which accelerates time-to-market. When translators see the live context, they get it right the first time.

  • Improve quality over time

    No more isolated strings or spreadsheet cells. In XTM What You See is What You Get (WYSIWYG) Visual mode the target translation reflects the intent and context of the source content.

  • Accelerate your translation

    Speed comes from having an accurate visual context of what is being translated. When linguists see source text as it’s situated on a web page, they can make fast and correct linguistic decisions.

  • Experience Intelligent Automation

    Accelerate your translation workflow with AI-driven tag placement, which saves minutes of manual work. Translate content faster and more accurately while drastically improving time-to-market.