Working in XTM Standard and Visual Editor

Working in XTM Standard and Visual Editor

XTM offers two types of translation environments: The XTM Standard Editor and an in-context Visual Editor.

Video highlights

Learn how to:

  • Use and customize XTM Standard Editor functionalities
  • Translate and review in-context with XTM Visual Editor
Both come with an array of customisable options ensuring a user-friendly work space. Embrace XTM’s feature-rich Editors for more accurate and consistent translations.

Perfect customisation

Get an overview of all the Standard Editor features and see how to customise your translation environment to your needs. Suppose you want to display a different number of segments per page, filter segments by ICE matches, or change the font. All these operations can be performed in a fully configurable environment with only a few clicks. In both Editors, you can set custom shortcuts - as they are browser-specific, any changes will display in the browser in which they were set. Lastly, see how the available terminology and concordance will yield more accurate and consistent translations.

Visual immersion

XTM offers a cutting-edge WYSIWYG Editor for linguists to visualize the context of translation in real time. What’s more, the size of previews and the segment-editing section can be freely modified. Not only is terminology and concordance available in the Visual Editor, but also there’s a number of customizable settings, such as shortcut keys, and fonts. With a high-quality translation management system such as XTM, you can arrange your working environment to suit your needs. Sign up for an XTM trial account and unleash the full potential of visual translation for your business.

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