XTM Cloud and RIGI integration

XTM Cloud and RIGI integration

Translation of web-based applications is by no means an easy task.

Video highlights

Learn how to:

  • Effectively translate a web app in-context
  • Perform in-country reviews with XTM and RIGI
However, thanks to the XTM-RIGI integration, the whole process can become more streamlined due to the visual context being in full sync with XTM. The end result is a localized app providing increased productivity, consistency, and cost-savings.

In-context and visual

In this video, you will learn how the RIGI cloud server can support every step of your localization workflow. Changes made by translators in XTM are immediately highlighted in the RIGI preview. It’s also possible to edit content in the live mode as you go. In-country reviewers, on the other hand, can check the translation and leave comments using either the preview or the live mode. This enables linguists to make in context corrections by applying changes in the WYSIWYG environment.

Efficient localization

Linguists, project managers, and enterprises will appreciate the visual environment, consistency due to string-by-string translation, and reduced time to market. The synergy of RIGI and XTM brings significant savings of time and costs to your web app localization. And last, but not least, easy setup paired with support for a wide selection of file formats makes the integration a must for app localization.

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