XTM Cloud tips and tricks for Project Managers

XTM Cloud tips and tricks for Project Managers

The complexity of localization projects is undeniable, but with the proper know-how translation management turns into a seamless task.

Video highlights

Learn how to:

  • Customize project listing and filters
  • Update custom fields and templates in bulk
  • Obtain reports and create dashboards
  • Customize workflows and use XTM Messenger
With XTM, you can forget about missing important data, struggling with repetitive tasks or following cumbersome workflows.

An array of features

In this video, you will learn useful tips and tricks for handling your translation management system. They all touch upon project listing, bulk actions, analytics, workflows, and communication. The easily customizable project listing ensures that only the most significant information will be displayed. Smart filters enable you to find the relevant projects quickly. It’s also possible to execute batch actions simultaneously across multiple projects.

Data-driven and flexible

XTM has a wide range of reports to monitor the progress of your project, check the performance of your linguists, or see how well you are meeting delivery deadlines. With granular reports and dashboards, it’s easier than ever to get a detailed overview of your business. XTM not only provides you with predefined workflow templates, but it also allows you to modify workflows as you go. Add to it regular communication with linguists via XTM Messenger, and you’re well on your way to successful project management.

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