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Pushing the boundaries of localization technology

Centralize all your assets and automate your localization process with state-of-the-art technology that will support your global growth. Not a translation expert? Our team is on hand to ensure you make the most of your solution.

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Enter new markets faster

As industry pioneers, innovation is part of our DNA. We use cutting edge technologies and AI to provide advanced linguistic capabilities that skyrocket your team’s productivity. The result? Linguists can work faster while creating higher-quality content. This translates into lower costs, faster time-to-market, and a superior brand image — worldwide.

Fully automate localization processes

Create infinitely customizable workflows to suit your enterprise needs. Save time by removing manual project setup, configuring automated workflows, and unifying internal processes.

Boost your bottom line

Successfully and quickly reach your global audience by automatically retrieving previously translated content, speeding up delivery while ensuring consistency. Our proprietary algorithm is able to retrieve more matches than any other translation management system, directly reducing localization costs.

Centralize assets and processes

XTM Cloud provides a single translation platform where all your localization assets are stored, accessible by the right teams, and updated in real time. Plus, it provides a clear overview of project progress, linguists performance and localization costs.

Access the right tools for your needs

XTM Cloud offers a flexible solution with powerful tools to speed up your localization process. With XTM Portal, let employees or LSPs request translations, generate and process costs, and more. Meanwhile, XTM Mobile keeps you connected and productive, enabling you to access and manage your projects on the go.

The right tool for your needs

A robust translation management system is only one component of our product offering. We also offer translation business management, for unparalleled vendor and finance management, as well as dynamic HTML preview for in-context translation of apps or software.

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Bring additional automation with XTM Connect

Automate your content localization by connecting XTM Cloud with your favorite tool and manage all your localization projects from a single interface, speeding up time-to-market.

Adobe Experience Manager

The XTM Adobe Experience Manager Connector allows you to automate the localization workflow and perform in-context translation or review in the XTM Visual mode. Connect XTM Cloud or Suite to Adobe Experience Manager to streamline localization.


The XTM Sitecore Connector lets you automate the creation of multilingual content managing it directly from your CMS. Translate or review in-context in the XTM Visual mode, before returning the pages to Sitecore for publishing.


Connect XTM with WordPress to streamline your website translation process and grow your brand faster with automation of the translation workflow as well as file collection and delivery. Get the most from your WordPress website by localizing your content in XTM.


Connect HubSpot to XTM Cloud, the intelligent localization hub, and open the door to real-time localization of your marketing content. Scale your marketing funnel into any language and engage your clients wherever they are. Enjoy a seamless connection.

More features you’ll love

We are vendor agnostic, so you can work with the best linguists
Our vendor-neutral TMS enables you to seamlessly connect your instance of XTM Cloud to any language service provider. This ensures you can get the best technology paired with the best linguists, while keeping full ownership of your assets.
Fully-featured solution
XTM Cloud provides everything you need on a single platform: CAT tool, Translation memory, Terminology, Quality assurance, Project management, Workflow configuration, Reporting, AI-powered features, Cost management, Query management, User management and flexible configuration.
We listen to your needs so you get the solutions you deserve
At XTM, we have a simple rule: If it matters to you, it matters to us. We care about creating solutions that work for you. That’s why we empower all our users to suggest new or improved features using the XTM Wish List. Recently, we took this concept one step further with XTM Labs, giving exclusive access to those who request a feature through the Wish List.
We provide stellar global customer support, so you can rely on us no matter where you are
XTM teams provide best-in-class customer service, with step-by-step onboarding, support, a dedicated team of Xperts with over 200 years of combined localization experience, and a Customer Success team who proactively ensure that customers are maximizing their usage of XTM.
We offer transparent pricing so there are no hidden surprises
Our transparent TMS pricing model is straightforward and will ensure that you are not presented with any unexpected or hidden costs.
We are multi-tenant by design, so you can optimize licenses
XTM’s TMS was designed for multi-tenancy from the outset. There are no limits on the number of customers that can use an individual XTM Cloud instance. When a user logs out, it frees up a license for someone else.
Be up and running in minutes not days, weeks, months or years
You can immediately start using XTM Cloud the moment you sign up. Our TMS comes pre-configured with all standard features, so you can be up and running in just minutes.
We are scalable, so your localization strategy is future-proof
Our translation management system was built from the outset to be an enterprise scale system. Whether you need to increase your output by tenfold or reduce your number of users, XTM Cloud can adjust to your changing circumstances, seamlessly.
We offer various deployment options to suit your needs
Because every organization has different needs, XTM Cloud can be deployed as a Public or Private Cloud solution — both offering Premium options — giving you the freedom to choose the best deployment strategy for your business. Whether you are required to meet the highest security standards, want control over your upgrades, or simply need access to more licenses, there is a solution that will suit your needs.
Have full ownership of your assets and data
You will always own all your project assets (including TM), settings and workflows, and can also determine which users can take files off the system, or even limit this completely. You can also export all of your linguistic data in Localization Industry Open Standard format at any time.
100% cloud based
With XTM, there is no software to install on the desktop. XTM Cloud is a completely cloud-based translation management system, and works no matter what web browser or operating system you use.
100% Open Standards based
XTM is built 100% on Localization Industry Open Standards. XTM fully supports: W3C ITS, SRX, TMX, TBX, GMX-V, XLIFF, XLIFF:DOC, TIPP and xml:tm, as well as being a full reference implementation of the OASIS OAXAL (Open Architecture for XML Authoring and Localization) standard.

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