XTM Connect for Adobe Experience Manager

XTM Connect for Adobe Experience Manager

Businesses produce large volumes of content as an essential part of their global online presence, but this requires a high degree of automation to create and process the multilingual content.

Video highlights

Learn how to:

  • Get your XTM ready for AEM connector
  • Send content from Adobe Experience Manager to translators
  • Discover Visual Editor features
Take your company to the next level and explore the benefits of XTM Connect for Adobe Experience Manager. Streamline your processes and reduce the administrative workload by working directly from within AEM.

Make the most of automation

If you work with a CMS you probably know how much repetitive manual is involved in to translating content if you don’t have a connector to your translation management system. In this video, you will learn how to reduce the time spent sending text from and to your CMS by making use of XTM Connect for AEM. Thanks to this connector, you can now automatically send your files for translation, initiate translation projects, and obtain costs for the translation without leaving the AEM environment.

The potential of AEM connector

The video takes you through the installation and configuration processes XTM Connector for AEM. Learn how to benefit from the customization of AEM project templates and see XTM’s Visual Editor at work. With this WYSIWYG tool, you can view how your content will look when it is published and perform an in-context QA all within XTM without the need to send it back to the CMS.

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