XTM Connect for JIRA

XTM Connect for JIRA

On-demand translation of your Jira content without the need for manual export and import with XTM Connect for JIRA.

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Learn how to:

  • Configure XTM Connect for JIRA
  • Use filters in JIRA
  • Translate files in XTM and send them back to JIRA
JIRA users can now enjoy full automation of the localization process with reduced administrative hassle and human errors in the process.

Full automation

Content localization is often fraught with administrative tasks, due to the complexity of the undertaking. One simple remedy? XTM Connect for JIRA which detects new files attached to issues in JIRA, transfers them to XTM and, once translated, returns to the same issue. The integration ensures continuous updates of source files without burdensome file management and emails. This operation brings tremendous cost savings and faster time to market.

Robust customization

Content localization with XTM connect for JIRA is closely aligned to your needs. It’s up to you whether files should be returned to JIRA after translating one language combination or after finishing the entire project. For shorter turnaround times, the job-related setting is recommended. The connector is also capable of monitoring issues selectively with the built-in filters. Automate your content localization with XTM and keep up with demand for multilingual content in a continuous delivery cycle.

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