XTM Connect for Salesforce Commerce Cloud

XTM Connect for Salesforce Commerce Cloud


Automate your content localization with XTM Connect for Salesforce Commerce Cloud

XTM Connect - Salesforce Commerce Cloud offers a cost-efficient way to create multilingual content.

Video highlights

Learn how to:

  • Configure translation jobs from within Salesforce Commerce Cloud
  • Automate sending and receiving translated content between Salesforce Commerce Cloud and XTM Cloud
  • Review project status
With access to XTM, the industry-leading translation management system, enterprises can market their products and services globally.

Automation in full swing

XTM Cloud connects directly to your instance of Salesforce Commerce Cloud to reduce the manual project management tasks. It automatically sends the new or updated content for translation and receives the translated files back, allowing for continuous localization. Users can monitor the status of projects in XTM Cloud without ever leaving Salesforce Commerce Cloud. Translation projects are automatically created in XTM by using predefined templates. To save time, multiple items can be submitted for translation in one batch.

No file management burden

Enterprises can benefit from smooth content localization with minimum human intervention and maximum convenience. The entire management of the localization cycle takes place inside Salesforce Commerce Cloud. File management is no longer necessary and so are long email threads. See for yourself how XTM Connect decreases costs and reduces administrative work, resulting in error-free content localization.

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