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Automate your content localization with XTM Connect

XTM Connectors: Automated translation processes

Seamless file management

Create translation projects directly from your favorite interface.

Time-saving workflows

Create and use fully tailored and automated workflows speeding up your localization projects.

Eliminate manual work

Content is automatically sent to XTM, and then pushed back into your platform, erasing the need for tedious copy and paste.

Connectors for Content Management Systems (CMS)

Adobe Experience Manager as a Cloud Service enables users to get personalized, content-led experiences into market faster, by combining digital asset management with the power of a content management system.

XTM Connect for Adobe…

Sitecore delivers a best-in-class digital experience platform that brings together content, e-commerce, and data for rich, personalized, end-to-end customer experiences. The XTM Sitecore Connector lets you automate the creation of multilingual…

WordPress is one of the most widely used content management systems to create and manage content for websites, blogs or online stores. Powerful and adaptable, it remains the CMS of choice for brands to build immersive digital…

Contentful is a headless content management system which enables its users to unlock the power of digital content. By leveraging this composable platform, they can orchestrates content from multiple sources and publishes it to any digital channel…

Contentstack is a headless content management platform that allows developers and content managers to create and manage content simultaneously and independently, to create websites and applications quickly.

XTM Connect for Contentstack… is the modular content platform that enables marketers and developers to plan, create, and deliver experiences that look and feel great on any channel.

XTM Connect for enables users to seamlessly localize campaigns,…

Oracle Content Management helps companies to manage, create, and activate various types of content, including websites, documents, videos, and graphic assets, in one cloud native system.

XTM Connect for Oracle Content Management enables…

Use the XTM Crownpeak connector for more cost-effective translation. The integration with XTM Cloud helps you localize content without hassle, on time, and within budget. Just send your content from Crownpeak, send it to XTM, and publish it on your website in a few clicks.

Use XTM Connect for TeamSite to make the translation of your website content & marketing campaigns an efficient and user-friendly process. Keep manual steps to a minimum, reduce human errors, and update content in Opentext with a click.

The XTM Connect for Drupal 9 is a plugin based on the Drupal Translation Management Tool module. It automates sending/receiving content translations between your website and XTM. Connect your Drupal website and go global seamlessly.

XTM Connect for Optimizely helps you automate the sending/receiving content translations process between your Optimizely system and XTM. Connect Optimizely with XTM and unlock the digital potential and go global seamlessly.

Integrate Kentico with XTM Cloud and create multilingual content that resonates with your global audience. Ensure that messages on websites, on mobile apps and in email and social media campaigns communicate in one consistent.

XTM Connect for SharePoint enables users to automate the localization of all the information and document stored in the system.

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Connectors for Marketing Automation

HubSpot’s integrated CRM platform contains the marketing, sales, service, operations, and website-building software you need to grow your business.

XTM Connect for HubSpot opens the door to real-time localization of your marketing…

Adobe Marketo Engage enables organizations to automate and measure marketing engagement, tasks and workflows. This powerful solution gives marketers the complete tool kit to deliver winning lead-based and account-based marketing, from acquisition…

Enjoy the seamless localization of your marketing automation content using the XTM integration for Oracle Eloqua. Automate sending content and receiving translations between your Eloqua environment and XTM.

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Connectors for E-commerce and PIM systems

Akeneo is an open-source Product Information Management (PIM) solution. Akeneo helps businesses improve their productivity by supplying their teams with the most efficient and reliable platform to maintain consistent, high quality and accurate…

Automate the localization workflow between Salesforce Commerce Cloud and XTM Cloud. Commerce Cloud​ is the world’s leading B2C and B2B commerce solution. Commerce Cloud is a multi-tenant, cloud-based commerce platform that empowers brands to create intelligent, unified buying experiences across all channels — mobile, social, web, and store.

Don’t see your e-commerce or PIM solution? ➡️ Plan your integration.

Connectors for CCMS systems

IXIASOFT develops an enterprise-class component content management system, IXIASOFT CCMS. The software supports global organizations throughout their entire DITA-based documentation journey, from content authoring and reviewing to localizing and…

Convert your enterprise knowledge into multilingual content swiftly and seamlessly with Heretto and XTM Cloud. Simplify multi-language publishing by creating, managing and translating your DITA content from within your native system.

Ovitas CMS content is based on DITA XML. Ovitas integration with XTM Translation Management System provides the opportunity to deploy a full content lifecycle workflow including content creation, approval, packaging, translation and publishing.

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Design and Business Tools

The Figma connector for XTM Cloud enables agile localization of design content. Automate pushing the content out of Figma to XTM Cloud and pull translations back in a single connected workflow. This helps to accelerate time to market and eliminate bottlenecks for products by localizing prototypes and deployable designs early in the process.

XTM Connect for Google Sheets enables smarter, more efficient collaboration within your content and localization teams. Automate sending your content for translation from Google Sheets to XTM and receive the translated text back into specified columns.

XTM is tightly integrated with Adobe InDesign Server. When activated, XTM can generate a WYSIWYG preview of the InDesign document incorporating Live Links. This enables a user to click on text in the document to highlight the corresponding segment in XTM Editor, giving the context at a click of a button.

Slack is a messaging program designed specifically for the workplace. Enjoy the seamless connectivity that XTM Cloud enables, and empower agile content localization in a single connected workflow.

Microsoft Excel is an industry leading spreadsheet sofware program with powerful data visualization and analysis tool. XTM Connect for Microsoft Excel automates content translation so your teams receive the translations back in the spreadsheed format.

Can’t find your design or business tool? ➡️ Plan your integration.

Customer Support Systems

XTM Cloud’s connection with ServiceNow enables ServiceNow users to send content to XTM Cloud for accurate translation. Content such as legal queries about global data privacy or clinical queries about incident reports can be opened, translated and securely shared for swift problem-solving 24/7. Welcome to your global service desk.

Connect XTM to Oracle Service Cloud. The XTM connector automates the extraction of translatable FAQ content directly from the RightNow CX Answer Workspace and the Incident workspace as well as the pushing of translations back into Oracle RightNow.

XTM’s Salesforce Service Cloud connector utilises existing translation request functionality within Salesforce. It streamlines authoring and publishing content into multiple languages with automated workflows that can include machine translation.

The XTM Zendesk Connector automates translation of knowledge base articles. Connect XTM to Zendesk to publish articles in multiple languages without the translation management efforts. Cut down the translation costs, improve content quality and consistency.

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Developer Tools

Jira is a highly scalable and customizable software development tool created for agile teams which enables them to plan, track, and manage their agile and software development…

XTM Change Control Connector for version control systems such as Git, allows you to automatically scan server folders for new or updated files, take them for translation and return them without requiring any interaction from you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A connector is a plugin to your system that automates and accelerates the process of content translation into multiple languages. It uses the API connection between two systems. In many of XTM’s connectors, there is a menu for XTM, built directly into the source repository software.

Yes, drop us a line and we will contact you to discuss the development process and explore your needs

A connector will help you streamline content localization into multiple languages and eliminate manual tasks such as e-mailing files and copying and pasting leading to a reduction in localization turnaround times, fewer human errors, and a decrease in costs.

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