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Automate localization for DITA content with XTM Cloud


IXIASOFT develops an enterprise-class component content management system (CCMS), IXIASOFT CCMS. The software supports global organizations throughout their entire DITA-based documentation journey, from content authoring and reviewing to localizing and publishing. Market leaders in the software, telecommunications, manufacturing, and medical device sector benefit from the agile, scalable IXIASOFT CCMS solution. The software is available as a SaaS and on-premise.

Benefit from XTM Cloud connect for IXIASOFT

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    Cut costs through automation

    XTM Connector automatically detects changes made in the source content, retrieves it from the IXIASOFT CCMS, and sends it for translation; thus, saving time and money.

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    Translate once, reuse often

    Increase your localization’s team productivity by reusing and repurposing translated content. It’s so simple with DITA’s topic-based architecture.

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    Avoid unnecessary communication

    Send DITA files for translation directly from a single uninterrupted workflow in IXIASOFT CCMS. Save yourself the effort and potential errors of manual file exchanges.

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    Ensure error-free localization

    Eliminate copy-pasting from your DITA localization process. Exceed content quality expectations with XTM’s premier Quality Assurance tools.

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    Control your localization journey

    Never lose any changes made in your multilingual documentation with XTM Cloud’s robust versioning capability. See all your previous content updates at a glance.

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    Agile localization

    XTM Connect for IXIASOFT ensures smooth collaboration between translators, editors, and developers for faster delivery.

Why use XTM Connect for IXIASOFT?

  • Automate manual tasks with XTM project templates
  • Easily retrieve translated documents
  • Automatically organize and store translation edits and reviews
  • Multiple files translated in one batch
  • Enterprise-class, multilingual business intelligence
Get XTM Connect for IXIASOFT
Get XTM Connect for IXIASOFT

How IXIASOFT CCMS works with XTM Cloud

XTM Connect for IXIASOFT is an auxiliary application designed for enterprises dealing with large content volumes and frequent updates. The connector automates the movement of content between XTM Cloud and IXIASOFT CCMS. The localized components are immediately returned to IXIASOFT without any manual work, or delay. The connector gives enterprises substantial localization savings and quality improvements in the shortest time possible.

How businesses can benefit from XTM Cloud

Mature organizations tend to manage their localization requirements through an enterprise-grade translation management solution. This is connected to their content source or repository to eliminate many of the traditionally manual steps in project creation and management. XTM Cloud is the preferred translation management system for enterprises as the software is scalable, feature rich and easy to use. Many of the world’s leading companies have trusted their localization management to XTM Cloud.

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