XTM Connect: Jira

Jira is a highly scalable and customizable software development tool created for agile teams which enables them to plan, track, and manage their agile and software development projects.

XTM Connect for Jira automates the creation of localization projects as well as file transfer between XTM Cloud and Jira, removing communication errors, and decreasing costs and turnaround times.

Why use XTM Connect for Jira?

Automated translation

Send file attachments in Jira for translation and receive them back to their original Jira issue as soon as they’re ready.

Continuous localization

Updated file attachments in Jira are immediately recognized and sent for translation to XTM Cloud, making your localization as agile as your software development.

Accelerated process

Automatically create projects in XTM Cloud using predefined templates. As a result, save valuable time by automating tedious manual tasks.

Get XTM Connect for Jira

Automate your localization processes with XTM Connect for Jira.

  • Seamless transfer of files: Transfer your content automatically between the two platforms

  • Seamless integration: The connector synchronizes with Jira to look for issues and creates a project in XTM Cloud

  • Automated process: Use predefined templates with specific workflows to speed up processes

  • Efficient management: Send several files for translation all at the same time

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