XTM Connect for JIRA - Global Asset Management

Automate your localization processes with XTM Connect for JIRA. Use this seamless integration to deliver any asset for any team in any language.

About JIRA

JIRA is an issue management platform that tracks bugs and issues throughout the entire software development process. It helps global enterprises manage agile projects. Within JIRA, everything can be configured freely. Its highly scalable and customizable ecosystem works well with other third-party systems and can fit custom workflows.

Benefit from XTM Cloud - JIRA integration

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    Automate your translation

    Send file attachments in JIRA for translation and receive them back to their original JIRA issue in a matter of minutes.

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    Continuous localization

    Updated file attachments in JIRA are immediately recognized and sent for translation to XTM Cloud, making your localization as agile as your software development.

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    Save time with project templates

    Automatically create projects in XTM Cloud using predefined templates. As a result, saving valuable time by automating tedious manual tasks.

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    All-in-one localization platform

    Streamline translations with the all-in-one translation management system which includes the comprehensive XTM Workbench, translation memory and terminology.

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    Lower administrative costs

    Translate file attachments in JIRA without overhead costs. No additional training is needed as translation happens behind the scenes in a familiar environment.

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    Data-driven vendor selection

    Analyze reports and dashboards in real time for better business intelligence. XTM Cloud lets you select vendors based on data.

Why use XTM Connect for JIRA

  • Transfer content seamlessly between JIRA and XTM Cloud
  • Receive translated files in JIRA automatically
  • Track selected issues using built-in filters
  • Use predefined templates to speed up manual jobs
  • Send several files for translation in one go
Get XTM Connect for JIRA
Get XTM Connect for JIRA

How JIRA connects with XTM Cloud

XTM Connect for JIRA is set to automate transfers of new file attachments between the two environments. The connector synchronizes with JIRA to look for issues matching specific JIRA filters. When synchronized, the connector detects files that have been added to JIRA issues since the last synchronization and creates a project in XTM Cloud using a predefined template. When the translation is finished, the files are returned to the original JIRA issue. Connect your XTM Cloud with JIRA to remove communication errors, decrease costs and turnaround times.

Learn how to gain from XTM Cloud

Automated translation management provided by XTM Cloud transforms your localization processes, making them rapid, seamless and cost-efficient. Be sure to learn the basics first with XTM’s comprehensive learning resources. If you’re an advanced user, browse through the available webinars, videos and tutorials to benefit from the world’s leading localization platform.

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