XTM Connect: Oracle Content Management

Oracle Content Management helps companies to manage, create, and activate various types of content, including websites, documents, videos, and graphic assets, in one cloud native system.

XTM Connect for Oracle Content Management enables users to automate the localization of that content, speeding up time to market.


Why use XTM Connect for Oracle Content Management?

Seamless file management

Create translation projects directly from the Oracle interface which automatically get sent to XTM Cloud.

Time-saving workflows

Use fully tailored and automated workflows speeding up your localization projects.

Eliminate manual work

Content is automatically pushed back into Oracle when ready, erasing the need for tedious copy and paste.

Get XTM Connect for Oracle Content Management

Speed up the localization of all your content, including websites, documents, videos, and flyers by leveraging the power of connectivity and automation.

  • Project Updates

    Create translation projects in seconds and easily keep track of progress within the Oracle interface

  • One Click to Translate Everything

    Choose to translate one asset only, or include its dependencies as well, such as internal or external documents

  • Control in your hands

    Select workflows, assign users, choose to use Machine Translation, or not, using XTM templates

  • Centralized assets

    Find and manage all your localized assets within the Oracle interface, easily check what has been translated or not

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