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Localize your WordPress website, blog or eCommerce store with XTM Cloud. Win global customers effortlessly without exceeding your budget.

About WordPress

WordPress is one of the most widely used content management systems to create and manage content for websites, blogs or online stores. Powerful and adaptable, it remains the CMS of choice for brands to build immersive digital experiences. The open source system allows for almost limitless customization expanding its functionality without the need for extensive coding skills.

Benefit from the XTM Cloud - WordPress integration

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    Update your WordPress content in a click by automating translations between XTM Cloud and WordPress.

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    Connect your WordPress with XTM Cloud in a matter of minutes with the assistance of our XTM Support Team if needed.

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    Control your project status in XTM Cloud through real-time updates in WordPress without switching between systems.

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    Reduce communication errors by eliminating file transfers from the process. Put an end to costly rework and unnecessary delays.

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    Call customers to action with flawless content. Keep your translation quality under strict control inside XTM Workbench.

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    Get a complete overview of your localization projects with the extensive reporting capability. Track and measure project quality and costs for even better control.

Get XTM Connect for WordPress

  • Predefined templates for manual translation tasks
  • Translations returned back to WordPress automatically
  • Customizable workflows suitable for organization's goals
  • Option to view real-time translation metrics
  • Option to bulk select content for translation from any page
Get WordPress Connector
Get WordPress Connector

How WordPress works with XTM Cloud

The integration between XTM Cloud and WordPress ensures the seamless localization of your website content. XTM Connect is an auxiliary application designed to automate sending and receiving translations between WordPress and your translation management system. The automated workflows minimize human involvement thus saving time, money and improving the overall efficiency of localization. Connect your WordPress to XTM Cloud and achieve greater automation with total control over your organization’s localization.

Find out how to go multilingual with XTM Cloud

A successful multilingual website requires a little more than a skillful team of project managers, reviewers and translators. It needs superior technology as a foundation. Use XTM’s wide range of training resources to master XTM Cloud, the leading translation management system on the market.

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