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3 Top Tips To Efficiently Accomplish Your Continuous Localization Goals
3 Top Tips To Efficiently Accomplish Your Continuous Localization Goals illustration
Aleix Gwilliam
AuthorAleix Gwilliam
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Connectivity has become a vital feature in any efficient localization program and a key element in successfully implementing continuous localization. When choosing your localization technology, one of the most important features it needs to support is a connector to your content system. By linking your content system and your technology solution, such as a translation management system, you ensure that your content can be localized in a quick and efficient way, and managed from a single platform. However, simply having a connector does not guarantee that your program is as efficient as can be—you need to maximize its potential and features. Cisco’s Director of Digital Experience Platforms illustrated well in this Forbes article the importance of connecting systems, explaining how this connection brings consistency and efficiency to your content and its creation, which in turn enhances and improves your customers’ experience. She summarizes it in a simple statement: “Connectivity is the difference between a seamless, cohesive customer experience and a fragmented, confusing one.”

If you just use your connector to send and receive content for translation, you are only using it for a fraction of what it can do. Connectors can offer so much more than simple connectivity—but how can you squeeze out all their value and optimize your localization process even further? Here are three tips that will put you on the right path to accomplish your continuous localization goals.

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