XTM Labs

Shape the future of XTM Cloud

Empowering XTM Cloud users to take charge of their globalization journey has always been at the heart of what we do. With XTM Labs, we are now taking this concept one step further.

Take charge of your translation journey

At XTM, a simple motto influences what we do: if it matters to you, it matters to us. This led us to create the XTM Wish List, where you can request and vote for features. These requests are represented in every single XTM Cloud release, helping to make our solution fully tailored to your needs. And we’re not stopping there.

Access exclusive features

With XTM Labs, we’re now giving you early access to the features you requested via the Wish List.

Once a feature is in development, customers who requested it will be notified that they are now part of XTM Labs for that feature. When the release is out, you’ll be introduced to this new functionality, and get exclusive access to it!

Shape XTM Labs features

XTM Labs doesn’t just give you access to exclusive features, it gives you an opportunity to customize them.

We’re serious about ensuring that the new functionality meets your expectations, so we’ll give you enough time to let us know whether or not the new feature is everything you were looking for. To submit your feedback, simply log in to the XTM Wish List via XTM On Demand, select the “XTM Labs” tab, find the relevant feature, and let us know how we did! After a month, we’ll collate all feedback and use it to fine tune the XTM Labs features, prior to them being made available to all XTM customers.

Be an XTM Labs change-maker

To take part and get an opportunity to influence upcoming XTM Cloud features and the way they work, simply use the XTM Wish List as you normally would.

1. Before each release, we’ll select which of the Wish List features should be included. If one of the features you submitted or upvoted is selected, you will get notified via email a few weeks before the release.

2. When we launch a new version of XTM Cloud, you will receive an email detailing which XTM Labs features you have access to, in addition to all the other new features included in the release.

3. Then, you will have a month to submit your feedback. The selected XTM Public Cloud customers will automatically get access to the XTM Labs features. If you are an XTM Private Cloud or Suite customer, we will work closely with you to schedule an upgrade that gives you enough time to get familiar with the new features.

4. After a month, we’ll look closely at your feedback and decide whether or not the XTM Labs features need to be changed, and how, to ensure we’re delivering what you require. Once we’re confident the features are meeting your expectations, we’ll make them available to all XTM customers. We will rotate customers who get early access to selected features depending on each release, giving everyone a chance to have their voice heard.

Contact us about XTM Labs

Let us know how we can help you become an XTM Labs change-maker.