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What is the level of customer support offered by a translation management system provider?
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The level of customer support offered by a Translation Management System (TMS) provider can vary depending on the specific provider and the service package chosen and offered by a provider. However, reputable TMS providers typically offer a range of customer support options or packages to ensure smooth operations and address any issues or concerns that may arise. Here are some common aspects of customer support provided by TMS providers:

Technical Support

TMS providers usually offer technical support to assist users with different areas of the tool’s use. For instance, with the system setup, to get the tool up and running; configuration of the different features to get them customized to their needs, and troubleshooting if they have any issues that could arise, such as source/target misalignment in the CAT tool or images not displaying in the in-context view. This support can be provided through various channels such as email, online chat, or video conferencing, depending on the nature and urgency of the issue (email for the less urgent issues or chat for the more pressing ones), or if it requires a show-and-tell from the user side, for which the video conferencing is particularly useful.

Training and onboarding

Many TMS providers offer training and onboarding sessions to help users familiarize themselves with the system’s existing or new features and functionalities. They also help new customers migrate their language assets (terminology and TM), and customize their workflows based on their needs. This can be done through live training sessions (individual or group) and video tutorials to learn how to use the tool and its different features, webinars that present the new features and showcase their use, or documentation, which can include step-by-step guidelines and troubleshooting instructions.

Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

TMS providers may offer different service levels based on customer requirements. SLAs outline the agreed-upon response times, resolution times, and overall service commitments to ensure prompt and reliable support.

Dedicated Account Manager

Some TMS providers assign a dedicated account manager to their customers. This account manager acts as a primary point of contact and provides personalized support, addressing specific needs and concerns.

Knowledge Base and Documentation

TMS providers often maintain a knowledge base or documentation library with FAQs, user guides, and best practice resources. Users can refer to these self-help resources to find answers to common queries or gain insights into system usage. You can usually find these resources on the provider’s website, and they can provide a quicker solution than through the Account Manager. This way, you can be more independent and troubleshoot without external support.

System Updates and Maintenance

TMS providers typically ensure regular system updates and maintenance to enhance performance and security. They communicate these updates to users in advance and provide support during the transition or any potential issues. Updates to systems are usually performed on weekends to minimize any disruption and not affect its users’ weekday routine.

Expert tip

Sofía Bolontrade
Sofía Bolontrade

Before contracting the services from a partner, check that the SLA contains service-level objectives that are accountable, attainable, and measurable. Agree with them to use business intelligence tools to track data, measure the attained goals, and present meaningful and easy-to-digest info during business reviews – these actions will allow your team to gain a thorough understanding of actual challenges and future focus areas. In the end, as the American management theorist Peter Drucker once said, “You can’t manage what you can’t measure.”

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