XTRF BigQuery

Unleash the power of big data

XTRF’s integration with Google BigQuery Module allows you to query your project data and generate custom reports to meet your unique business needs.

Why use XTRF BigQuery?

Reveal your business’s uncovered potential
and turn the translation & localization data you have into a beautiful and practical report.

Access Concealed Market Intelligence
XTRF BigQuery provides quick access to massive amounts of translation and localization data, allowing businesses to generate insightful reports effortlessly, unveiling untapped market potential.
See Clearly, Decide Precisely
With BigQuery, language service providers gain a comprehensive view of projects, delivery times, client contributions, and translator trends, enabling precise decision-making and mitigating missed opportunities.
Financial Clarity
XTRF BigQuery offers financial clarity by providing a glance at project profitability, ROI analysis by various parameters, and insights to optimize margins and focus on profitable areas, reducing wastage.

See clearly, decide precisely

Turn localization data into an informative report with a single click
and never miss out on opportunities anymore.

  • Get a full view of all your projects: see your average delivery time(s) for different requests, discover what proportion of your projects come from each client, and spot which geographical regions yield the most orders.

  • Translator Trends: check the quantity of jobs each translator is handling for you, assess average delivery times, each linguist’s most in-demand specialty, determine your most and least used vendors by language pair, and assess their productivity.

  • Financial Clarity: determine profitability per project at a glance, view ROI by month, client, job, specialty, or language and assess margins to focus on profitable areas, while reducing wastage.

  • Languages: identify trends in language requests, see the most and least popular languages by date, client, specialty, and more, uncover emerging fields for growth, and track dwindling languages or specialties.

Ready to Access Concealed Data Intelligence?