XTRF Business Barometer

Future proof your business 

Our Business Barometer provides an array of reports and visualizations tailored to provide all the insights you need to make informed decisions about your company.

Why use XTRF Business Barometer?

Stay ahead of the competition by gaining insights that provide your company with a competitive advantage in the dynamic language industry landscape.

Real-Time Business Insights
XTRF Business Barometer provides a dynamic and real-time view of your business status. This enables you to stay informed about both positive and negative changes in your business, allowing for immediate reactions to market shifts.
Strategic Decision Support
Get a comprehensive overview of essential data, including projects, quotes, specializations, languages, and client information and make well-informed, data-driven decisions to strengthen your business, and react promptly to changing trends.
Holistic Client Management
Access in-depth analysis of client activity, growth potential, and upselling opportunities. Identify and focus on your most valued clients, ensuring effective client management, and the execution of targeted upselling strategies.

Leave competitors behind

Gain insights that give your company a competitive edge
in the ever-changing language industry landscape.

  • Dashboard: Get a quick overview of the most important data about your business. Dig deeper and review trends in projects, quotes, specializations, languages, and your clients if needed.

  • Quotes: Analyze trends in your sent and accepted quotes, review your client activity, and estimate the potential for growth and upsell opportunities. Plus, analyzing trends in the acceptance of your quote rate allows you to gauge your sales team’s effectiveness and review your pricing policy.

  • Projects: See trends in your current production value and your margin at a glance. You can filter and view reports to see a trend change in your client’s projects value or profitability and engage your Account Management team to act when there’s even a slight decrease in your customer’s value. You can also see trends in specializations and language pairs. With this data set, you can gauge the potential for upselling language pairs and new specializations.


  • Clients: Get an overview of your most valued customers and the level of your dependency on particular clients. Reviewing trends on most valuable clients will help you execute a delicate task of upselling those clients and avoiding any decrease in their requests.

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