Simplifying Translation Business Management.

Elevate Project and Vendor Managers’ efficiency with smart automation and AI, reducing time spent on mundane tasks, and doubling profitability and output overnight.

Why use XTRF?

The winning combination of XTM and XTRF enables seamless integration of translation management with business processes. So you can enjoy ultra-efficient translation management, from start to finish.

Effortless vendor management, from a single place
Get a comprehensive overview of your vendors’ availability, rates, specializations, reliability, and beyond, simplifying your operations.
Seamless quote and project generation, 24/7
Our system automatically crafts client quotes and generates jobs around the clock, ensuring you can accept projects even while you sleep.
Streamlined quote gathering and invoice payments
Simplify your procurement process as XTRF effortlessly gathers vendor quotes and ensures prompt invoice payments upon job completion.

Change your challenges into opportunities

Take your business to a new level by delivering more, without expanding your team.

  • Deliver more translations in less time: Reduce your time to market by automating repetitive parts of your translation workflow.

  • Find skilled, trusted translators: See vendor availability, language pairs, specialisms, and quality ratings at a glance

  • Monitor projects and track profitability: Harness insight to identify growth areas and focus on services that will help you scale.

  • Automate workflows: Save your team hours managing translation projects end-to-end, with automated workflows that reflect your business processes.

  • Unlock project profitability, with advanced financial insights: Provide your project costs and preferred margin, and let our system effortlessly handle the rest, delivering a clean-cut summary of each project’s profitability.


XTRF’s file management capabilities and invoicing procedures have also made life far easier for internal providers and have freed up time for them to focus on other important tasks. I recommend it to any translation firms interested in having a well-organized management tool.”

Simonetta Buccellato


Translations International

I love that we can tailor XTRF to our clients specific needs. We continually have to customize reports and processes or create new ones. We can do a lot of this ourselves, or if we need XTRF’s help, they’re helpful and responsive, providing a solution in a day or two.”

Suraj Singh



XTRF is a flexible system that can be tailored to individual needs. The great news is that Attached now has an automated workflow that facilitates quick turnarounds with next to no manual handling — made possible by the flexibility of XTRF’s Translation Management System.”

Eveline van Sandick

Founder & CEO

Skyrocket team productivity

Double outputs, increase profitability per PM, and eliminate barriers to growth. Manage your translation projects through XTRF and—like our current clients—you could see…


Improvement in


Increase in
Speed to Market


Profit Margins


Translation Costs

See XTRF in action

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Loved by linguists, PMs, LSPs, and enterprises

Give your team the tool they need to reach their full potential.

1,000+ hours a year saved, using:
  • Financial automation
  • XTM Cloud integration
  • Automated project creation
PM workload reduced 50%, using:
  • Automated processes
  • Project templates
  • Dedicated technical support
70 000 tasks processed per year, using:
  • Machine translation
  • Performance reporting
  • Custom workflows

Integrate seamlessly with your favorite tools

Connect with a number of CAT tools, including XTM Cloud, as well as your CRM, your instant messenger via API, or harness the power of Zapier for access to 5,700+ other applications (including e-invoicing tools).

XTRF API Documentation

Find out how to integrate your application with XTRF.

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