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Did you know… The benefits of a Private Cloud...

Whether it’s available on premises or in the cloud, a Translation Management System (TMS) creates efficiencies when localizing content for global...

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Why is technology a key component of a localization program?

The success of any localization program is underpinned by many different factors, but none of them play as big a role as technology does.

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What are the main challenges to consistently deliver a successful localization program?

Being successful is one thing, but sustaining that success is a whole other endeavor.

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XTM Connect Sitecore

XTM Connect: Sitecore 3.1 has arrived

Introducing support for continuous localization Sitecore’s powerful CMS enables users to create, manage and deliver content across unlimited channels and...

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What are the key characteristics of a successful localization program?

If you want to expand into new markets as part of your global strategy or reach new audiences by evolving your global...

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xtm connect Adoble Marketo Engage update

XTM Connect – Adobe Marketo Engage 2.6 has...

Introducing support for tokens and dynamic content Adobe Marketo Engage, an Adobe-owned marketing automation platform, was built to help organizations...

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QMM functionality Illustration

Query Management Reinvented

At XTM International, new releases of XTM Cloud are always exciting times. Our latest release, version 13.1, sent our excitement levels through the roof as...

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