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Black Into Gold

Late November news reports are quick to emphasise the commercial potential of “Black Friday” for global retailers. What began as an exclusively...

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XTM Cloud 12.9 – Making a good thing even better

As we approach the end of 2021, XTM International is closing the loop on a series of notable product developments with XTM Cloud 12.9, the final release of...

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Stay in the Zone

XTM LIVEStream 2021 brought together localization leaders across industries, nationalities and time zones to discuss the future of global communication and...

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XTM and Adobe Experience Manager

XTM Connect AEM v2.1.0 – “Join with us”

Many Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) users already benefit from XTM Connect – AEM to get their content translated via XTM Cloud. We have just launched...

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XTM LIVEStream 2021 – Get in the Zone

A successful localization program puts your name on everyone’s lips and your product on everyone’s wish list. To achieve it you need to balance...

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XTRF Joins XTM in K1 Family

XTRF Joins XTM in the K1 Investment Management Family

XTM International is delighted to share that in late September, our friends at XTRF secured a growth equity investment from K1 Investment Management. This...

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XTM Mobile v2.7 – Upwardly Mobile

In the two months since the release of XTM Mobile 2.6, further progress has been made in making this product a must-have tool for language service...

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