5 reasons to join XTM LIVEStream D/A/CH

5 reasons to join XTM LIVEStream DACH

5 reasons to join XTM LIVEStream D/A/CH

XTM LIVEStream D/A/CH, the virtual translation and localization summit will run on the 9th of June between 2:00 – 4:15 CEST. This virtual event for the German-speaking region gives attendees a chance to learn, share and engage in discussions on current trends in the language technology space. This is the second running of the XTM LIVEStream event this year. It started as a way to connect attendees with industry leaders, as the global health pandemic started to impact how we work. Our goal is for XTM LIVEStream to be an opportunity to gather focussed insights on trends in the technology and translation management space, and find out how others are solving challenges and creating opportunities. Registration is free, you can find the agenda and sign up here.
If you still haven’t reserved your spot, here are some additional reasons why you shouldn’t wait any longer.

1. Get relevant cross industry insights in bite size pieces

Experts from companies such as Nestlé Globe, Crown Gabelstapler, EFI, ETSY, Turck, and Swiss Post will take the virtual stage of XTM LIVEStream D/A/CH. Each session will be under 25 minutes in length, and focus on the key takeaways for each topic including; deploying translation management systems and enterprise translation technology ecosystems, international SEO and continuous translation, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine translation (MT). We have taken this approach as our customers and contacts have asked for content that is currently relevant and gets to the point quickly.

The format of XTM LIVEStream D/A/CH is simple but powerful – short punchy talks, many from XTM users, which will capture the audience’s attention by sharing game-changing ideas on industry topics.

– Bob Willans, CEO of XTM International

2. Multilingual SEO during global health crisis

Our keynote speaker, Chris Raulf from Boulder SEO Marketing will discuss how International Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can bring positive outcomes to companies during the current pandemic. New behaviors mean far more content is consumed on the web. This creates new opportunities and International SEO can help companies tap this. Chris will speak to the void created already and the need for mindset change and agility to tap these opportunities. Chris will also provide tips and guidance on how to kick off an International SEO strategy which will enable international growth.

3. Foolproofing translation management strategies

How does a translation management system fit your enterprise’s localization strategy? How much translation automation do you use? Why is a localization platform a basic need nowadays? These are only some of the questions our speakers will address.

Andreas Merz from Crown Gabelstapler, will update the audience on how enterprise companies can best tackle selecting and deploying a translation management system. He will discuss their process including the needs analysis stage, then how they initiated a process for choosing a translation management system, the process itself, and the results, now that deployment is at a mature stage. Andreas will also share some information that would have been good to know before they started the process.

The overall topic of translation management strategy will be explored by a panel. This panel will include speakers from ETSY and Turck, and will highlight ways they look at their technology strategies and give pointers to the audience for now and going forward.

4. Next-generation AI and MT are changing the industry

Another panel will discuss how the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine translation (MT) are both strategic and tactical for their companies. Sometimes deployment of these technologies is done without a clear idea of the potential results and impacts. Our panelists from Nestlé Globe, EFI and Swiss Post will share their ideas and experience with machine translation and AI-driven processes within their organizations.

5. Insights on the language technology industry in the D/A/CH region

All our participants will give their take on the industry for this whole region. They all have diverse roles and industry viewpoints and will guide on how companies are acting and what we can expect to see in 2020 and beyond.

The audience will be able to ask questions to the presenters throughout this event. Don’t miss the chance to hear these experts share their outlook on the language landscape in the D/A/CH region!

Everyone is going virtual these days, join the crowd and see you on the 9th of June at the virtual translation technology summit, XTM LIVEStream D/A/CH. We can’t wait to see you there!