XTM at the 8th Language Technology Industry Summit

LT Innovate Brussels, Belgium

XTM at the 8th Language Technology Industry Summit

XTM is pleased to attend and sponsor the 8th Language Technology Industry Summit on June 24-25 in Brussels. This gathering will connect industry leaders, developers and investors to learn, share knowledge, network, and forge new relationships in a highly inspiring, multilingual environment. Everything from speech interaction to multilingual communication will be extensively covered in presentations, discussions, and open panels.

XTM Cloud, AI-powered enterprise translation management system

XTM is participating in this event and will demonstrate an array of AI-powered features including intelligent workflows, smart translation memory (TM) and superior matching mechanism that ensure more efficient and scalable translation management. The XTM AI-powered features gear your localization team with tools that increase translators’ and reviewers’ productivity immensely.

The topic of artificial intelligence will be explored by Andrzej Zydroń, CTO. In his talk titled Cutting Through the Hype: A Critical Review of AI Regarding Localization, Andrzej will discuss what artificial intelligence is, how it differs from ‘expert systems’ and what its actual benefits and its pitfalls are in the context of translation management solutions.

Who will you meet from XTM?

If you would like to meet the XTM delegates, you can book a meeting ahead with Senior Solutions Architect, Grant Blackburn, and Andrzej Zydroń, CTO. Visit the XTM International booth and talk to our representatives to see how the new and redeveloped Workbench can make your localization even more efficient and time saving.

Andrzej Zydroń XTM InternationalAndrzej Zydroń
Grant Blackburn XTM InternationalGrant Blackburn
Senior Solutions Architect

Visit us at our booth and find out how XTM Cloud, the leading translation management system for enterprises, LSPs and translators, can make your localization process a breeze. Also, you can try XTM free for 30 days.