A Thousand Voices – Making Your Voice Heard

A Thousand Voices – Making Your Voice Heard

When people come together to share a powerful message, the results can be inspiring. Last Sunday, April 18th, twelve elite football clubs announced the creation of the European Super League, an annual competition that promised to bring together the best teams in a lucrative “league” from which none of them could ever be relegated. There was just one problem. Everybody hated it.

Everybody, including the players and managers of the clubs involved, was dismayed by what they saw as a soulless gravy train that put elitism ahead of competition, TV audiences ahead of ticket-buying fans and money ahead of sport. Anyone with a passing interest in sporting rivalry will know that it’s almost impossible to unite the fans of Manchester United and Liverpool, or AC Milan and Inter Milan, or Real Madrid and Barcelona. But the European Super League did precisely that. The message could not have been clearer.

“Give us back our game!”

Within 48 hours the message had been heard. The six English Premier League clubs that had signed up to the ESL withdrew, apologising to their supporters, and the idea was dead in the water. There are a number of lessons we can take from this episode, and perhaps the most telling is that when many voices come together coherently, their impact can be swift and powerful. This week, a thousand voices and more were heard loud and clear.

At XTM International we’ve been helping our customers and partners refine and share important messages for many years, to their lasting benefit. With the recent launch of XTM Cloud 12.7 we’ve enhanced that offering even further, and we watched this week’s unfolding drama with interest, both as sports fans and as communication experts. The voices of different fans were united by a simple and universal mechanism; love of football and its values. But most messages aren’t that simple. Most of the information we seek to share across oceans and borders is complex, and needs to be refined with the utmost care.

OASIS Open Darwin Information Typing Architecture (DITA) enables agile sharing of XML content from a range of sources. Our customers love it, and we love our customers, so we’ve made it our mission to develop DITA functionality that’s more advanced and delivers a better user experience than they can find anywhere else. When we receive XML content we can quickly analyse the entire DITA map and decide on the level of file joining the project needs. A thousand small DITA files can be brought together into a single file for translation. Each file retains its integrity – each voice retains its individuality – and the linguist is given something unified to work with. They are also given visualisation in context, enabling them to translate target files with a clear view of what they will actually look like.

A thousand voices are brought together, each one retains its distinctiveness and value, we can visualise the end result and quickly deliver precisely the outcome that people want.

You don’t have to be a football fan to appreciate the passion of fans, players and managers who speak up for the traditional values of the game they love, and you don’t have to be a software developer to appreciate the value of a tool that brings a thousand voices together and shares a message for the world to hear.

XTM International – if it matters to you, it matters to us.