XTM International Friday Feeling

Driven By Purpose

“Employees and leaders who are driven by purpose understand they can make a difference by serving others more than themselves.”
The Federal Asian Pacific American Council (FAPAC)

Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month has been observed every May since 1990. This year’s theme is Advancing Leaders Through Purpose-Driven Service.

The theme will resonate with Kamala Harris who, four months ago, became the first person of Asian descent, as well as the first woman, to hold the office of US Vice President. It will resonate with every AAPI role model in every walk of life.

In the sporting world, one of those role models will be taking centre stage later today. Aged just 24, Collin Morikawa wasn’t even born when the first AAPI month was celebrated, but he’s already established himself as a leader and a winner. Last August he became a Major Champion, and in winning the US PGA title at 23 he matched the achievement of Tiger Woods, whose mother, incidentally, hails from Thailand. Morikawa clinched his first Major with a shot that Tiger would have been proud of. Under extreme pressure with just three holes to play in the final round, he struck his tee shot on the 16th perfectly, setting up a memorable eagle and a memorable win. That’s what we call driven by purpose.

This weekend Collin Morikawa is defending his PGA title, and on Thursday he made a solid start, posting a two under par 70. A closing birdie on the 18th showed again why he’s so highly regarded. The 505 yard hole is a monster of a par four, but the defending champion played it well. Two arrow-straight irons left him with a fifteen foot putt, which he holed nervelessly.

Imagine if Morikawa had walked 500 yards to the 18th green and been told that his ball had somehow vanished. How would he have felt about walking all the way back to the tee and starting the hole again? That’s unlikely at an event attracting live TV coverage, but translation project managers face a similar scenario every day.

When a project is set in motion, files are sent from CMS to translation management system and target languages are set up. If there are no changes of plan, then those initial processes will serve the customer well. But as anyone in the language service industry will tell you, there are changes of plan, often at the last moment and stretching resources to the limit. When that happens, if the project manager has to start the process from scratch, setting up a new process for each change – trudging those 500 miserable yards back to the tee to play the hole again – it can fatally undermine their chances of meeting customer deadlines. When XTM International talk about being driven by a purpose, that purpose is doing better for the customer.

XTM Cloud 12.7 – the Intelligent Connectivity release – showcases the range of best-in-class connectors in the XTM Cloud family.

Our strong working relationship with Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) is being further enhanced in 2021 with continuous project support functionality enabling users to add, remove and replace files or languages as a project moves forward.

Instead of having to start from scratch every time you want to add something new, you can simply add one more element. You can do what Collin Morikawa did yesterday, finish off the good work you started, roll in the birdie putt and take satisfaction in a job well done.

No more trudging back to the tee. No more unnecessary delays. Just finish the project on time and on budget and claim the win.

Have you found yourself needing to start all over again on a project – having to make your own equivalent of a 500 yard walk back to the tee – when it would have been so much easier to just tap in the ball and get the job done? Tell us your stories. We’re here to listen. If you’re an XTM Cloud user, of course, you can share your thoughts via the XTM Wish List. We’re shaping the future of language technology, and we want your feedback and advice.

If you value something, you value it 24/7/365. XTM International customers, whatever their background, know they are valued and supported by a team that will keep striving to do better for them. We’re driven by purpose.