Embracing change with XTM Mobile 2.3

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Embracing change with XTM Mobile 2.3

It’s a mobile-first world, and that’s as true for localization managers as it is for everyone else. Whether they need to make important changes to a project while on the go, or have visibility of project costs through an app, advanced mobile functionality promises the flexibility and control they need. XTM Mobile 2.3 delivers handsomely on that promise, enabling continuous project updates, instant cost calculations and a user experience that doesn’t tie busy professionals to their desks.

The new release is part of an agile development cycle that began with the release of XTM Mobile 2.0. More frequent app updates mean we can deliver the product that directly answers user needs. Sara Basile, Product Manager at XTM International, explains, “Project requirements tend to change on an hourly basis – this is why Project Managers need flexible tools to accommodate that change. It’s not uncommon for a Project Manager to receive another source file from a stakeholder while they are away from their desk. To proceed with a project, it’s essential that Project Managers can update source files wherever they are, without being tied to a computer. The new version of XTM Mobile offers just that.”

Project scope change on the fly

It’s difficult to tell how a project is going to unfold. Will there be a fixed number of files per language? Or will the number of files grow as the project continues? There is no firm and fixed scenario for localization projects. XTM Mobile 2.3 recognizes this, allowing you to add new files or update existing files as part of the continuous project. Project scope evolves, and you need to adapt and embrace the changes with the right tools. With XTM Mobile 2.3, you can make changes to the project scope on the fly. And you have immediate access to the most suitable linguists to translate updated text without delay.

XTM Mobile 2.3 - adding or updating new source file
XTM Mobile 2.3 – adding or updating new source file


Swift cost calculation
Cost generation is just one of the features that distinguish XTM Mobile 2.3. Project Managers can generate project costs directly from the app. They can view costs, ensure the process fits their budget, be clear with linguists about their responsibilities and remuneration and instantly generate a purchase order.

XTM Mobile 2.3 – generating costs (Left) | XTM Mobile 2.3 – sending PO to a linguist (Right)


Online help at the click of a button

Looking for guidance in the technical aspects of mobile management? Whether your question concerns applying smart filters, configuring workflows or accessing metrics, XTM Mobile 2.3 offers you swift access to an interactive user guide. You can access it from the About section of the user interface.

Online help XTM Mobile 2.3
XTM Mobile 2.3 – User guide


Copy text easily

Do you need to copy information such as the name of the project or project details? Long-press to grab the relevant text and paste it wherever you need. This means faster work and a better user experience.

For more information about the new features of the new app, read the release notes.

Do you need a translation management app that keeps you ahead of project changes and helps control costs? XTM Mobile 2.3 is here to help. It’s the Project Manager’s ideal guide on their digital journey.

Change is the new normal. Embrace it with XTM Mobile 2.3.

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