Empowering Integration – XTM Cloud 12.6 is out

Empowering Integration – XTM Cloud 12.6 is out

The new version of XTM Cloud “Empowering Integration” comes with usability and user experience enhancements in the areas of connectivity, project management and the linguistic experience.

XTM Cloud 12.6 is another step towards a more connected, integrated localization ecosystem. As users need smooth content workflows, efficient communication between XTM and content management solutions is a priority for us. In version 12.6 we’ve refined and enhanced features which are crucial for automated, seamless and continuous exchange of content between XTM Cloud and AEM and Sitecore. We now also support translation of design content in Figma, the new connector accelerates global content delivery and time to market. In order to grow internationally and at scale, companies need connected systems, this is what XTM Cloud enables without having to scale internal teams or efforts.

Sara Basile, Product Manager at XTM International

Continuous and connected

Localization managers want flexible and efficient options to streamline the content flow between content management systems (CMS) and translation ecosystems, while software localization specialists look for flexible and continuous delivery and the ability to localize the product user interface already during the design stage.

New and enhanced connectivity in XTM Cloud

In XTM Cloud 12.6 we have enhanced our connectivity solutions for AEM and Sitecore (including supporting Sitecore version 10), we have added a new integration with Figma, the collaborative interface design tool. We have also made it easier for localization administrators to configure GIT buckets within a user-friendly interface when connecting to GIT systems.

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Light-touch project management

Project managers need to know the quality of the MT engines and assess the post-editing effort required of linguists. Enterprises now take the raw data from TMS systems and feed it into other applications, such as business data visualization software. This helps with auditing, decision making, and predicting global content trends. Does all this sound too familiar? XTM Cloud 12.6 has helpful enhancements you might like.

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New and enhanced connectivity in XTM Cloud

Enhancing the linguistic experience

Improving the user experience for language professionals is a major theme of the version 12 releases and continues in 12.6. Our users asked us for more user friendly quality management, this version has a dedicated QA tab for optimized quality assurance. In addition to this, translators will find it easier to distinguish between project and file repetitions. We’ve also extended support for special and Unicode characters in XTM Workbench.

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New and enhanced connectivity in XTM Cloud

Enhanced language AI

Validating and updating terminology is now even easier. We refined our AI-driven bilingual terminology extraction process so now it is able to automatically exclude terms that are already in the Customer terminology database. This will save time on cleaning terms and duplicate entries.

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New and enhanced connectivity in XTM Cloud

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