Enhanced linguistic experience in XTM Cloud 12.6

Enhanced linguistic experience in XTM Cloud 12.6

Helping translators, reviewers and correctors with their quality assurance tasks is our priority. In XTM Cloud 12.6 we have improved quality assurance (QA) and the overall user experience for linguists. 

Enhanced quality notifications

Translators, reviewers, and correctors can now handle quality assurance tasks within a dedicated QA panel in the docked panel of XTM Workbench. This can be dragged and dropped like the other panels in XTM Workbench. No need to go from one segment to the other to review QA warnings as QA results are now at your fingertips; this will speed up the review process, and reduce errors.

User experience enhancements

How can you tell if a repetition belongs to the project or a file? We improved the display of repetitions in the docked panel so you can quickly distinguish between the two types.

We have also added support for non-breaking hyphens and additional Unicode characters as special characters – you can now input them with the click of a button. This, combined with XTM’s preview and Visual Mode capabilities, enables linguists to spot any potential text overflow directly in XTM Workbench, and well before files go to DTP.

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