Feature focus: Transcreation in XTM Cloud. Good for all time zones.

Transcreation in XTM Cloud

Feature focus: Transcreation in XTM Cloud. Good for all time zones.

What time is it?
¿Qué horas son?
Wie spät ist es?
现在 几点钟?

The answer depends on your location, in more ways than one. If it’s 9 am in London, it’s 1 am in Los Angeles. It’s 5 am in Buenos Aires and 10 am in Berlin. And it’s 4 pm in Shanghai. When you’re reaching out across oceans and borders, you need a persuasive message that’s good for all time zones.

In 2017, we built transcreation functionality into XTM Cloud. Simply put, this offered a range of alternative content translations and enabled users to choose the one that best suited their needs. It delivered on two things our clients ask for time and time again; choice and control. It was a major step forward, not only for XTM but for the translation industry as a whole, and we were proud to break new ground. We still are. In the four years since, we’ve constantly sought out the opinions of our clients and partners, using their feedback to optimize the user experience for as wide an audience as possible.

Transcreation in XTM Cloud. Who cares?

We care, because our clients do. In 2016, we sat down with a key client and looked closely at their existing transcreation process. They were using word files to manage the process of having multiple slogan options for a campaign. Each time a slogan required transcreation, multiple languages generated hundreds of emails and documents shuttling back and forth in a time-consuming, inefficient way. The risk of error was high and ever-present. The overhead cost was unsustainable. We quickly identified that the client needed to be able to keep track of updates and incorporate editing suggestions into a single usable format.

Alternative Translations in XTM Cloud. Delivering Choice and Control.

Together, we agreed on a solution that offered the client Recommended Alternative Translations and their corresponding Back Translations as well as a detailed Linguist Review explaining the thinking behind vocabulary and style choices. This enabled all contributors to focus on a single version, and delivered full version control into the hands of Project Managers. The Recommended Alternative Translations functionality was first created in XTM Editor, and continues in our current translation environment, XTM Workbench.

Why XTM Cloud?

How long have you got? Over the past four years, the reasons to invest in this solution have multiplied and increased in importance. Where clients initially required adaptation of slogans, headlines and marketing copy to resonate with a global audience, they now rely on XTM Cloud for far more. It’s our pleasure to work with ambitious market leaders. They know that unique, user-focused content will unlock the door to new markets and they recognise that XTM Cloud offers the key.

The Language of Persuasion

Your global target audience is increasingly sophisticated and discerning. They expect to be addressed in language they will not only understand but also identify with and warmly embrace. They expect to be persuaded. The transcreation options in XTM Cloud serve that goal and speak to your precise needs.

  • The need to set up smoother workflows
  • The need to leverage translation memory and terminology assets
  • The need to launch multilingual campaigns at scale and optimize them for cost

And, of course, with this accumulation of wins, XTM Cloud keeps moving you closer to your end goal of nuanced multilingual communication. We recognise that when linguists and project managers want to capture that nuance in a target language, having a range of options to choose from can be a major benefit. XTM Cloud’s flexible UI functionality for alternative translation suggestions lays out those options before you. As you’ll see in the following examples, we offer you a pallete of colours and invite you to choose the shade that works best.

English language original:

“You’ll be all smiles working in XTM. Our decked out CAT tool is the purrfect complement to our rock star TMS.”

Alternative translations – Polish:

1/ “Ty również dostaniesz kota na punkcie XTM-a. Workbench to rewolucyjne narzędzie CAT, które perrrfekcyjnie współgra z naszym kultowym TMS-em”

2/ “Ty również będziesz się uśmiechał pracując w XTM-ie. Workbench to rewolucyjne narzędzie CAT i perrrfekcyjny dodatek do naszego kultowego systemu zarządzania tłumaczeniami”

3/ “Ty również będziesz się uśmiechał pracując w XTM-ie. Workbench to nie tylko przeKOT, ale również perrrfekcyjny dodatek do naszego kultowego systemu zarządzania tlumaczeniami”

Transcreation in XTM Cloud
Alternative translations in XTM Cloud

The Nuts and Bolts of Transcreation in XTM Cloud

The Transcreation Workbench feature offers linguists and project managers a range of Alternative Translations and the freedom to use them exactly as they choose.

XTM Cloud presents the source string along with the heading Recommend Translation. Just below this you will find the Back Translation field which you don’t need to populate. For your convenience, as part of the same segment grouping, we have incorporated Alternative Translations.

The transcreator devises alternative translations and can add comments to each option, explaining their language choices. A reviewer may choose the desired Alternative Translation and, at the click of a button, upgrade it to the Recommended Translation. And only the Recommended Translation will appear in the target document.

 XTM Workbench - Alternative translations view
Alternative translations in XTM Cloud – Translator view

Workflows for creative campaigns often make use of the skills of in-country reviewers who are subject matter experts, well-versed in the target language and culture. In the Correct Step, these reviewers are free to choose the options they prefer, and these choices can be made on a segment by segment basis for optimum attention to detail. Reviewers can also leave comments to communicate and explain their choices, and initiate conversations with linguists to discuss Alternative Translations. Client feedback on this feature has been hugely positive. Transcreation of short, punchy creative elements such as slogans and taglines becomes a swift, interactive process that delivers more engaging results more quickly.

Transcreation in XTM Cloud
Alternative translations in XTM Cloud – Corrector view

See it, Export It, Share it

XTM Cloud users can easily export all options and comments to a Microsoft Excel report including the Recommended Translation, corresponding Back Translation and Rationale of language choices, and the Alternative, Back and Rationale for each segment in a single row. You won’t be surprised to hear that it’s a feature they value highly.

Alternative translations – Microsoft Excel

When to use Alternative Translations in XTM Cloud

Here are some examples of projects that might benefit from XTM Cloud Transcreation. We’re sure you can think of more.

  • A creative language professional has to translate headlines for their marketing brochure into 10 target languages including regional variants. These headlines incorporate wordplay, idioms and rhymes. For this type of creative copy, it’s crucial for transcreators to leave comments and account for their choices so that in-country reviewers can better understand their thinking. What’s more, with the back translation option, the Project Manager doesn’t have to be fluent in the target language to understand the meaning of each option, and can make an informed decision regardless of their own linguistic skills. So if you have a Project Manager with particular expertise in a certain industry or campaign type, they can apply that expertise even when they don’t speak the target language.
  • A clothing brand needs to localize headlines for their new product website into 10 target languages. Their creative teams need to adapt taglines to the culture of each market and make sure they fit the allocated text space. When running international campaigns across a range of territories, these design issues cost you time and money. Thanks to the Monitor Target Length Option in XTM Workbench, transcreators get the length of headlines right first time. This feature offers full visual context, flags up length restrictions in advance and nips problems in the bud. XTM Workbench allows localization teams to collaborate smoothly on a single document version that’s continuously refreshed and always current.
  • A company in the automotive industry needs to launch a campaign promoting a healthy office culture spanning 10 global markets. The campaign involves localizing culture-specific phrases across a range of online and offline channels via posters, flyers, emails and website copy. For this project, there are an average of 3 linguists and 1 project coordinator available per language. When you multiply the tasks required by the number of target languages, the workload is daunting. By using XTM Transcreation, Project Managers can easily see all translation options, back translations and comments in a single Microsoft Excel sheet. Our client feedback tells us the same story time and time again; busy language service professionals believe that having this quality of information at their fingertips is a priceless asset.

We’re not your only transcreation choice, of course. Just the most thoroughly tried and tested. The one that puts you in complete control. When you hear the new kids on the block talking about transcreation technology as if they’ve only just discovered it, it’s because they only just have. XTM Cloud, on the other hand, is constantly refining and improving a service that’s been taking our clients exactly where they want to go for many years.

XTM Transcreation delivers content that’s equally engaging and persuasive to audiences in Berlin, Buenos Aires and Beijing. We capture the nuance of a creative message and make sure you capture the attention of readers, listeners and viewers.

We’re good for all time zones.