For Sharing, For Everyone

For Sharing, For Everyone

Some people hoard their knowledge like water in the desert. Others see the world differently. Knowledge, like water, helps things grow. 

The word mentor signifies someone who gives help and advice to those less experienced. It was first used in the Greek form ΜΕΝΤΩΡ as the name of a character in Homer’s Odyssey. This original mentor was trusted with the education of Telemachus, the beloved son of Odysseus.

Greek mythology doesn’t always give us happy tales of parent-child relationships. Oedipus didn’t exactly win any prizes as a son. But Odysseus wanted his child to have an education so he chose a teacher who understood that knowledge is for sharing. 

GALA, the Globalization and Localization Association, certainly understand that. Today at 5pm CEST they are hosting a Global Talent Mentoring Event at which five localization industry leaders will share their expertise with the next generation. Today’s mentors are:

Valeria Barbero,  Business Director for Mother Tongue (OMNICOM) 

Oleksandr Bondarenko, CEO, Translatel Ltd 

Jayme DeSocio, Director, Partner Success, Welocalize

Dave Ruane, Digital Content and Partnerships manager, XTM International

Johan Sporre, Engineering Manager Global Language Services, Ingka Group, IKEA Retail, Group Digital

Language is a living thing. It evolves. So, of course, does the technology we use to communicate between languages. We need tomorrow’s localization leaders to keep moving our industry forward, and one way to help them do that is to give them all the guidance we can today.

Thank you to GALA for this excellent initiative, and thank you to today’s mentors for demonstrating that knowledge is for sharing. Knowledge is for everyone.