Found in Translation

Found in Translation

At the beginning of 2021 Emma Raducanu made a hopeful post on her Twitter account asking if A-levels were happening this year. Although her talent and potential were no secret to tennis insiders, her ambitions for the year didn’t go beyond sitting and passing the same exams that a quarter of a million other British schoolchildren faced.

Today she’s the US Open champion, the first British woman to win a Grand Slam singles title in 44 years and the first qualifier of any nationality to win the title in its 134 year history. Emma Raducanu is proudly British, but she arrived in the country via a circuitous route. Born in Canada to a Chinese mother and a Romanian father, her confidence and poise on the court is matched in her media appearances, not least because she is highly articulate in more than one language. A lover of Romanian cuisine, she regularly visits her grandmother in Bucharest. An avid student of all things Chinese, she speaks fluent Mandarin, and in recent days her profile in China has soared thanks to a series of impressive Chinese language TV interviews.

Raducanu took home a $2.5 million prize for her dazzling New York win, a little more than the average student will have picked up in their summer jobs before heading to University or the world of work. But that figure will be dwarfed by the amount available to her through commercial endorsements. Enterprise level organizations want to be associated with winners. When those winners are fresh-faced, engaging and multilingual, the possibilities are unlimited.

Emma Raducanu’s success story is one that Britain can be hugely proud of, and it should be acknowledged that this gifted young woman is a product of more than one country. Her talent and her purpose was found at the crossroads between nations and cultures. In her case, nothing has been lost in translation and many, many good things have been found. On behalf of ourselves and our friends in the localization industry we congratulate her today and wish her continued success.