Getting Personal

One of the most appealing things about technological progress is the element of personalisation it brings. The more we innovate, the more we can focus on the needs of individuals.

The 2020s will offer us more and more sophisticated wearable technology, with health devices enabling us to monitor our vital signs and make suitable adjustments to our medication, exercise or all-round lifestyle. An item that looks like a normal wristwatch might enables wearers to track activity, heart rate and sleep data, functioning as a clinically verified, wearable blood pressure monitor. Healthcare isn’t just getting more sophisticated, it’s getting more convenient.

It’s also highly lucrative. By 2024 the digital health monitoring market is forecast to reach a global value of $245 billion. A quarter of a trillion dollars.

And that’s just one industry.

It’s an industry that Rockwell Automation know very well. They work alongside Life Sciences leaders to develop digital transformation strategies, delivering smart automation that works. A $6.7 billion turnover tells the story of Rockwell’s success, and today at LocWorld44 Marina Sedmak told us more. Along with Val Swisher of Content Rules, she gave us an insight into the content management strategy that’s underpinned Rockwell’s growth.

In Marina’s own words:

“The customer journey is the one ring to rule them all.”

Customers want to see their brand values faithfully represented and they want their content to be consistent. Effective terminology management is a crucial starting point.

Problems in translation often derive from problems with source terminology, and by standardizing terms, we set a tone that can be maintained. Re-usable language components can then morph into a personalized experience for different users. A new car will share an engine size and type with countless other models, but when we choose the colour, add alloy wheels, leather seats and a personalized number plate, we make it our own. The fact that it came from a production line doesn’t detract from the pleasure we take in it. By embracing standardization we enable mass-produced personalization.

This is a lesson that XTM International understands too. Our translation management system gives specialists the platform they need to communicate nuanced, technical information at speed and at scale, and without compromising on quality in any way. The terminologist, for example, is a valued customer, and XTM Cloud offers bilingual term extraction for swift, easy review and updating. XTM users have reported an 80% increase in productivity when using this method of terminology management.

Customers want to be spoken to and listened to. They want to know they matter to us. They want it whether they’re driving home in a brand new car with a personalized number plate or sharing technical and marketing material across multiple languages and territories as they reach out and speak to the world. Automation and personalization aren’t opposites and they aren’t in conflict. They dovetail. They tell the customer that their success matters to us. It’s personal.