Global Saké – The Leading Edge

Global Saké – The Leading Edge

Some products are successful in one market but fail to find an audience in others. When it comes to drinks, Scotch Whisky, American Bourbon, Argentinian, French or Italian wine and German or Scandinavian beer all sell well across multiple territories.

Sake, Japanese rice wine, is a niche product that takes time and diligence to produce. Many consumers don’t know what it is, how it’s made or where to find it. Those who do tend to keep coming back for more, and this traditional beverage is enjoying a global resurgence. In Britain, Dojima Sake Brewery opened at Fordham Abbey in 2018. In France, sake production at Les Larmes du Levant began a year earlier. In Berlin, Go Sake started importing its own sake from Japan, also in 2017. And in the US, San Francisco’s Sequoia Sake has been winning friends for seven successful years.

These breweries take the trouble to import sake rice from Japan and set up specialist vats and presses to produce a product of potency and quality. They also add individual touches of flair to the product to make it appealing to local drinkers. Saké One based in Oregon has developed Moonstone Sake infused with natural flavours, including cucumber-mint, Asian pear, and coconut-lemongrass. In Virginia, the North American Sake Brewery produces jalapeño-mango and lemon-mint sakes. And Texas Saké, in Austin, has a range of carbonated, fruit-flavoured sakes which have the strength of a typical craft beer.

They are succeeding by localizing their product.

That’s something that will resonate with attendees of today’s GlobalSaké Challenge Roundtable.

Founded by Talia Baruch and John Hayato Branderhorst, GlobalSaké exists to find and share creative, innovative answers to global communication questions. Today’s sessions will highlight fresh developments in localization technology and cross-border digital marketing, bringing together thought leaders and tech pioneers.

XTM Digital Content and Partnership Manager Dave Ruane is proud to be a GlobalSaké champion.

“Breakthroughs tend to be made when industry thought leaders come together in the right spirit and generate creative sparks. Through XTM’s involvement with GlobalSaké, we’ve seen these sparks flying time after time, with concepts becoming plans and plans becoming accomplishments. Today’s event will showcase more practical, progressive thinking and we look forward to it very much.”

The path to global communication doesn’t always run smoothly. It requires cutting edge language technology and leading edge human ingenuity. XTM International and Global Saké share a commitment to both, and today we wish our friends well.