If It Matters To You, It Matters To Us

If It Matters To You, It Matters To Us

When you’ve been a market leader for two decades it’s tempting to assume that you know what your customers think. At XTM International we resist that temptation and stay on the cutting edge of language technology by asking customers what they think.

It’s our goal to make your working lives easier and more productive. It’s our goal to help you speak to the world. Below is a selection of unmoderated quotes from recent XTM Cloud reviews on the G2 Business Software Review website.  If you’re an XTM customer you may well recognise some of these points, and please feel free to add to them in a review of your own. If you’re not an XTM customer, why not contact us and find out about XTM Cloud for yourself?


“Connectivity and efficiency”

XTM Cloud comes with a thorough implementation process, it connects users to high calibre content management systems and it delivers automation that saves time and cuts costs. It gives clear visibility of translations in real time and in context, makes linguists more productive, and the automation doesn’t lower the quality of the translation. It actually improves it because translators get to focus on the tasks that require their skills instead of getting stuck on things that don’t challenge them.

“Top-notch translation management system”

XTM Cloud is a great piece of translation management technology with a lot of assets. API capabilities, connectors, flexible project management, powerful CAT tool – XTM has it all.

“Flexibility and reliability in a nutshell”

XTM gives you all the possibilities you can imagine to manage, process and complete your translation projects. But what I really like the most are the people behind it, who you can count on for support and advice with all crazy ideas you come up with. They genuinely respond to your needs, and you become the witness of the tool being developed as your needs develop.

“Excellent Implementation Experience”

XTM Cloud allows us to have complete control of our translation projects, TM, and Terminology and to share them with multiple LSP’s and customers. Our account rep Justin Bechtel, and implementation specialist, Rory Sampair were outstanding resources and helped us launch the app quickly and efficiently. They offered advice and assistance above and beyond what we expected, and were always quick to respond to any questions or concerns.

“Great, easy to use and excellent support!”

I love how easy to use the system is. Any requests for features we’ve had has been met with either “yes, there is an area where you can do that, or yes, we can look into adding that.” The XTM support team has been very responsive, especially with creating custom analysis templates for us. This has made our web team very happy! As a company, we are new to using a TMS, and we’re delighted with the results so far.


Thank you to these reviewers and to XTM Cloud users everywhere. Please keep the feedback coming. If it matters to you, it matters to us.