Intelligent Connectivity – XTM Cloud 12.7 is here

Intelligent Connectivity – XTM Cloud 12.7 is here

The latest version of XTM Cloud, “Intelligent Connectivity”, delivers a step forward in user experience. In a nutshell, enhanced technology and connectivity equals greater productivity and user satisfaction.

Our users are ambitious, and we’re offering a vehicle to drive that ambition forward. XTM’s development roadmap is designed to maximize workflow agility. The 12.7 release builds a bridge between XTM Cloud and client content management systems that’s stronger than ever. XTM Cloud 12.7 delivers precisely the swift, smooth transfer of data required as part of a more agile software localization cycle. An enhanced cost reporting function delivers at-a-glance visibility of overall project costs and cost savings resulting from the application of edit distance score. The beta program we’ve developed in partnership with SYSTRAN enables AI-enhanced Translation Memory, using cutting-edge neural machine translation for further cost savings. Interactive previews of video subtitles ensure that users’ messages are clear and appealing to any target audience.

Sara Basile, Product Manager at XTM International

Sara is happy to report that XTM Cloud 12.7 focuses on client needs, first and last.

This is technology with a purpose. If you’re an XTM client, we don’t just want to support your growth. We want to turbo-charge it. We believe we’ve succeeded with the 12.7 release but as always, the opinions that matter most are yours. Keep telling us what you need. We’ll keep listening and keep delivering.

Intelligent connectivity

XTM Cloud 12.7 features notable enhancements to many of our connectors. Our Adobe Experience Manager connector supports continuous workflows, and the Sitecore connector features a slicker, more intuitive user interface. The process of creating projects within Marketo and Google Sheets is easier and more efficient, and we’ve enabled more effective software release cycles with enhancements to the Git connector user interface. Changes will be tracked with the greatest possible accuracy, and work will be coordinated even more smoothly. In XTM Cloud 12.7, we’ve also added 6 new REST API methods to enable more powerful workflow automation. ServiceNow users will benefit from sending content to XTM Cloud for accurate translation.

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New and enhanced connectivity in XTM Cloud

XTM Cloud 12.7: the language service professional’s trusted friend

In XTM Cloud 12.7, Administrators can create analysis templates for Excel files. Project Managers have the best available tools to run more impactful quality assurance programs with regex-based QA checks and the option to lock specific segment filter profiles. Enhancements in the user interface deliver valuable information on project updates, and Localization Managers will benefit from increased automation while creating projects in XTM Bridge. With deadlines looming, a suitable Project Manager can be auto-assigned during project creation.

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New and enhanced connectivity in XTM Cloud

Brain power – bridging the gap between AI and human intelligence

XTM Cloud 12.7 has launched the beta version of AI-enhanced Translation Memory powered by SYSTRAN Neural Fuzzy Augmented model. This offers a cutting-edge collaboration of artificial intelligence and human ingenuity. The latest functionality uses the highest fuzzy matches to enhance the raw MT output.

The edit distance – the quantifiable difference between two versions of the same segments – can now be tracked with pinpoint accuracy, and used to create a more precise costing analysis for greater financial control. Project Managers can enable edit distance for all workflow steps with edit rights.

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Sound and vision: live video subtitling

With XTM Cloud 12.7, the beta version of interactive video previews will allow linguists to translate subtitles in context. They can translate text on one screen, and open the video player in a different tab to preview translated subtitles. Regex find and replace is now available in XTM Workbench, enabling users to focus on any source or target text inconsistencies and nip potential problems in the bud.

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New and enhanced connectivity in XTM Cloud

Enhanced NLP Artificial Intelligence

XTM Cloud 12.7 delivers enhancements to Natural Language Processing (NLP) AI which applies to Auto-bilingual terminology extraction, Aligner and Auto-inlines. We’ve extended Auto-bilingual term extraction to run on  files such as TMX or XLIFF.

New and enhanced connectivity in XTM Cloud

Multilingual glossaries and style guides deliver consistency and preserve brand values in any market. They save linguists the time and expense of having to research terminology, companies and sectors. With version 12.7, XTM Cloud delivers that benefit more effectively than any other translation management system. We’ve also enhanced other Inter-language Vector Space functionality in the new version.

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