It’s about the translation experience in v12.5

It’s about the translation experience in v12.5

Translators expect their working environment to be fast, customizable and user friendly. In XTM Cloud 12.5 we have added extra features that improve all three areas.

Next-level Workspace Customization

In addition to being able to move panels within the workspace, the new version allows users to move panels to a new browser tab. This means linguists working with two screens and those with less screen space will have a better user experience without suffering from information overload. This will also help subject matter experts looking for a simplified translation workspace.

New QA checks for error-free translation

Discovering too late that a fuzzy match has been accepted into a segment without editing is frustrating for the translator. In 12.5 users are presented a new QA warning which helps spot unedited fuzzy matches as soon as a segment is confirmed. This new QA check is part of our goal to provide more user-friendly and less error-prone quality assurance.

More user-friendly concordance search

Users can run a concordance search in an approved translation memory only and distinguish approved from not approved concordance results more easily. Having this option in the user interface enables linguists to focus better on their work, as only the relevant matches are shown.

Transparent translation data

Linguists can now clearly see their project statistics from within their workspace, as the project metrics and statistics information are now available within XTM Workbench. This way users do not have to leave their working environment to view translation data, and can easily plan their time with real project progress data.

Controlled auto-propagation

Auto-propagation can now be applied to filtered repeated segments. This is very useful in case of projects with multiple files and thousands of words, thus lowering the risk of unwanted propagation errors.

XTM Workbench replacing XTM Editor

Better translation technology means a CAT tool that scales and evolves just like your projects do. With the release of XTM Cloud 12.5, XTM Workbench will become the only translation environment for linguists, as the old Editor has been retired.

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