It’s Time For Konnectivity

It’s Time For Konnectivity

When you have a market-leading product that gives users a platform to create engaging digital experiences, why would you limit your ability to share it?

You wouldn’t.

Ask Kentico.

Kentico Kontent, a headless Content Management System that empowers creative teams to share eye-catching content on any channel, is a launch pad for global engagement. And for a successful launch, you need a translation management system that centralizes and automates the translation and localization process in a way that’s efficient and client-led.

XTM International Partner Development Manager Lauren Johnston understands this process very well, and today Lauren is sharing her thoughts on how a cloud based enterprise TMS helps companies to globalize their linguistic assets 

Kentico believe good content should be made easy to create and easy to share with the widest possible audience.

We couldn’t agree more.

Kontact our partnership team to find out more about the world’s translation management system of choice. Let’s get konnected.

We’re delighted to confirm that today, June 1st, marks the official launch of XTM International Partnership Plus, our enhanced partner program. This is the latest step in our ongoing collaboration with best-in-class Language Service Providers, Software developers and Language Technology specialists. To learn more about the benefits of our global communication program, be sure to contact our Partnership Team.