Let’s talk about innovation – XTM International and MultiLingual magazine panel on innovation

XTM International participate in Multilingual Magazine panel

Let’s talk about innovation – XTM International and MultiLingual magazine panel on innovation

Gerrards Cross, UK, October 28, 2020 – XTM International are proud both to participate in and sponsor a panel on innovation titled “The Intelligence Revolution in localization; Innovation, MT, AI, and when a white horse is not a horse”. Bob Willans (CEO of XTM International) and Dave Ruane (Digital Content and Partnership Manager at XTM International) will join Jean Senellart (CEO of Systran), Markus Meisl (SAP SE), and Marcus Casal (SVP Technology at Amplexor) to share their insights and thoughts on innovative technologies with a focus on MT, AI, automation and more. The panel is part of the MultiLingual magazine series which features thought leadership conversations with industry leaders and innovators in the language technology space. The event is held virtually on October 29, 2020 at 9 am PST (5 pm CET) and is free of charge, registration is open.

Innovation is our DNA, as the leading Enterprise TMS provider, and this topic has never been as important for our industry as a whole. The panel will discuss various types of innovation in language technology including NMT, non-MT AI, dynamic specialization, intelligent automation, MT marketplaces and others. Panelists will seek to answer where innovation is heading, how some technologies have saturated, and what are the next big technology breakthroughs in the industry. Attendees will learn how various strategies and tools can be applied and how a solid culture for innovation and using approaches such as design thinking can spark growth and success in an enterprise setting.

Dave Ruane who is also the co-founder of Process Innovation Challenge, a platform for innovators to pitch their ideas, sees innovation as “the essential lifeblood of any business nowadays” adding that “today’s delightful functionality becomes tomorrow’s basic need feature set, so if you are not innovating constantly you risk falling behind.”

Jean Senellart believes we have reached some levels of saturation with technologies like Neural MT, and added that “Technical Innovation in our industry is reaching a plateau, aside from small incremental gains. With very little being published in the last 3 years, now is the time to do more analysis of the wonderful technology we have, to share more the good practices and the tools, and to enable data-owners and experts to leverage their unique value on a global scale.”

If you want to know about the direction of innovation in our industry, this panel taking place on 29/10 at 9 am PST is one to attend.