Manufacturing 4.0 – the revolution has already begun

Manufacturing 4.0 – the revolution has already begun

Quality, consistency, speed to market, cost-effectiveness. Are you ready to deliver on these promises as the fourth industrial revolution takes shape?

At XTM LIVE Rocio Gray and Andreas Merz of Crown Equipment eloquently outlined how a manufacturing and logistics leader is doing precisely that.

Like all successful service providers, Crown have their eyes firmly fixed on the user experience. It’s their goal to deliver the right content to the right person on the right device at the right time. For a materials handling operation this level of focus it serves wider, business-critical goals.

Without inventory visibility, it’s all too easy to run out of stock or carry too much.

In a heavy-machinery environment, swift, accurate communication is an invaluable health and safety tool.

At XTM LIVE Rocio and Andreas offered a glimpse into the future of material handling. Crown benefits from smart automation in communication and connectivity, creating a virtuous circle as data passes seamlessly between content management system and translation management system. All Crown manufacturing facilities hold ISO 9001:2000 certification, and communication that enables ongoing compliance is key to maintaining the company’s excellent safety record.

Localizing 18 million words a year into 37 languages requires smart use of machine translation, but Crown’s technology is, above all, people-centric. It automates what can be automated and builds a platform for sound human judgement, driving both quality and growth. It’s a fine example of the agile thinking that’s helping manufacturing industry leaders not only cope with the fourth industrial revolution but thrive on its challenges.

The gathering pace of industrial automation is mirrored by the pace at which translation management systems and content management systems are enhancing global communication. Quality, consistency, speed to market and cost-effectiveness are all being served increasingly well, and at XTM LIVE we heard from business leaders who are embracing Industry 4.0 by continuing their corporate evolution, advancing their technology, refining their workflows and developing their people. It was a pleasure to be in a room with so many like-minded leaders, and it’s an even greater pleasure to see them getting the commercial rewards that their hard work and ingenuity deserve. Thank you Rocio and Andreas for your insights and for your leadership.