Partners in Progress

Partners in Progress

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

At XTM International, we believe our clients and partners deserve the best of both worlds. We’re moving forward at the speed of thought, and the journey is only just beginning. Today at LocWorldWide44 we heard distinguished speakers from a cross-section of industries echo those sentiments.

At an event that’s showcasing innovation in all its forms, Eileen Kerry and Tommy Davin of United Language Group, Michael Oettli of NLG GmbH and Barny Westfold of Boston Scientific reminded us that the act of building the right strategic partnership can in itself be an act of innovation.

United Language Group and NLG have developed a partnership that makes each organisation stronger, as well  as delivering benefits to their client that wouldn’t be possible for either company working in isolation.

Establishing commercial leadership in the highly regulated world of medical device manufacture and supply is no easy task. Boston Scientific’s path to leadership has seen them engage in continuous product development. Over 13,000 medical products and a global turnover approaching $11 billion speak of their success.

More than that, Boston Scientific have committed to a partnership with the general public, reaching out in support of those who need it most. COVID-19 has impacted on all of us, but some territories have been hit harder than others. In response to health crises in Brazil and India, Boston Scientific are extending employee COVID-19 insurance support and offering wide-ranging financial assistance. Those in need are being supplied with personal protective equipment, COVID-19 care kits and oxygen concentrators, as well as accommodation for those who need to self-isolate away from their families.

Partnerships that serve the public as well as serving profitability should be celebrated. This month XTM International launched Partnership Plus, the latest stage of a program designed to deliver ongoing growth and profitability, and enhance communication in all corners of the world. When we talk about partnership, we’re referring to far more than just a word. We’re planning a shared future. When we emerge from the shadow of COVID-19 – and we will – no one should forget the organisations that stepped up to help the people who needed it the most. And no one should forget the plain fact that it was partnerships that helped us navigate our way through the dark days.